God’s Goose Bumps

Am I a Humanitarian? Good question. My blog represents a Humanitarian Cause I firmly believe in about the Human Race. And that is, regardless of an Individuals' race or religion; the fact is we all bleed the same color blood, put our clothes on the same way, and use the toilet for the same purposes. How am I spreading the word about this? By standing firm on Edward George Bulwer Lytton’s quote, the pen is mightier than the sword. Cause that is the beauty about the internet, the web is the most non-prejudice place in the World! The majority of sites on the WWW being visited, enjoyed, and read – People seldom know the race and/or religion of the Author nor care. And if this information is known, most People will nonetheless feel comfortable visiting because there is no peer pressure around to censor or dictate their comings and goings. Comments are the same, unknown race and/or religion; only commentary from Individuals! That is why my blog slogan is, Binding Ink-Reinventing the Pen-for the sake of Humankind.

In fact, Binding Ink is a year old this month! In celebration, I recently opened a new web site called Humanitarian Causes-United for Humanity (HCU4H) . A "one stop place" for People to list AND find Humanitarian Causes. However; don’t let the big words like Humanitarian and Humanity scare or fool anyone. HCU4H is not only the large org sites, however; the blogs and web sites People have worked hard on to support these important Causes in Humanity. Rather that be Health such as quit smoking, the Environment such as Climate and how it affects humankind, Ethnic groups, Art, etc. HCU4H is by the People for the People in “one place”, at ‘Humanity’s Street Corner’, for People to list AND find all Humanitarian Causes.

However; am I a Humanitarian? Though I support Humanitarian Causes and have a Humanitarian Cause, I would have to say no, not yet. At least not until I have actually gotten out in the Communities to get my voice, feet, and hands worn-out and blistered. Nonetheless, I am a Non-Rich Philanthropist (A Person Who Cares About People)! If I were a rich Philanthropist, I still would become relatively poor rather quickly by gladly contributing to various Humanitarian Causes. Anyhow, in being a Philanthropist, currently it is my heart that is experiencing all the blisters. I don’t know how other Philanthropists, Humanitarians, Police Officers (Keepers of Public Peace), Fire Fighters, etc. Nurses, Psychiatrists, etc. Volunteers for Crisis, such as Red Cross, etc. Rape Crisis Volunteers, etc. cope. I understand that some Police Officers are mandated to see a Psychiatrist/Psychologist under certain circumstances that may affect their job performance. Perhaps Psychiatrists see Psychologists to vent that their Patients wore on their patients.

Nevertheless; saddened, my heart heavy, and still trying to learn to cope with Peoples sorrows without falling apart myself in tears; the song by Skillet Eating Me Away echoes in my head – “Is this my legacy, Feel it eating me away”… Then in a recent post I asked, When Is It Ok To Scream? Well guess what! Sometimes when you scream loud enough, the Universe does hear you!


Kristy said...
“Unless it's a really, really odd coincidence, I think my boyfriend is a co-worker of the husband of YOUR co-worker who recently lost her father-in-law. Because he came home and told me that exact same story the other night. What a small, small world.

And yes, sometimes it's okay to scream!”

At first I agreed this was merely a coincidence. However I replied; ...my site is all about Serendipity and asked where she is from. When she stated where she was from, I got God’s Goose Bumps! Yes, we were neighbors. And yes I ping my blog in hopes to draw even local visitors to my site, yet the local interest in my subject matter has never been remotely appealing. That’s when I realized, as I replied to her:

Yes this is Serendipity. Perhaps you were meant to read my post and I your comments, so some where in the blogosphere we can try to make some sense of this and the other tragedies; or at least find comfort in commonality. For this is Serendipity, a Universal symphony whose tune can be heard by the most tone deaf person. Thank you again Kristy. Hugs from the Universe to you! May we always remember, all the world is not S.I.C.K., For in-between all the torrid rains, there are rainbows. In-between the avalanches, there are snowmen.

So Readers and Humanitarians, "When you are weary, ... When tears are in your eyes", I say – go ahead and Scream! Cause not only is the Universe listening, it will answer!

Serendipity amid Civilization, a Universal symphony whose tune can be heard by the most tone deaf Person!

8 Comments With Humanity:

franscud said...

There is serendipity in our lives, and it's those small connections that make us wonder after a benevolence in the world working to pull us all together. I like the "bridge over troubled water" lyrics you cite, but I've always preferred "the boxer" ... maybe it's because I fancy myself a fighter on some level:

In the clearing stands a boxer, and a fighter by his trade
And he carries the reminder of every glove that laid him down or cut him
'Til he cried out in his anger and his shame
I am leaving, I am leaving, but the fighter still remains

-Jeane Michelle Culp said...

Thank you franscud,(Francis) - I do believe it is the benevolence (kindness) in the world working to pull us all together or at least keep Humankind together. I must admit, I never heard SIMON AND GARFUNKEL’s song the boxer, wow; powerful lyrics! I must have a find and a listen! Thank you again!

zephyr01 said...

Powerful Post!! I was mesmerized reading this Jean thank-you for reminding me of the small wonders going on around us at all times...

-Jeane Michelle Culp said...

Thank you Zephyr, Deborah my Friend! In the Serendipity of naturalistic Symphonies, it is not by chance that you and I united in the blogosphere, rather a Blessing; for you have been a great inspiration to me and I Thank You!

eastcoastdweller said...

The Internet, and the Blogosphere,truly does bind us together and improve the chances for world peace. I have no interest in bombing the homes of any of the wonderful people that I have met here, and I am sure that they feel the same way.

-Jeane Michelle Culp said...

Thank you eastcoastdweller for recognizing the significance in my post about Humanity and bringing up a great point about World Peace!

Jennifer said...

Dearest Jeane,

You are an inspiration...and very deserving of the thoughful blogger award!

Thank you for your example of goodness...

Lots of love to you,


-Jeane Michelle Culp said...

Thank you Jennifer from Goodness Graciousness! If I inspire or am any example of goodness..., it is because I continue to learn from People like yourself Jennifer! For you are the essentialness of them both!

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