Friday, November 25, 2022

People Enter A Conscious Existence

People Enter A Conscious Existence 
by Michelle Culp

This is how Peace will come our way, for humanity will save the day:
Excuse me Sir, there's a plunge in the market on common sense, not nearly a cent
Uh-oh there goes the material, the criterial.
Down falls the castles made of golden fools and all their jewels.
Oops there goes the material 
Uh-oh the Imperial, are back to eating cereal.
Breaker breaker 1/9, we can't get past this food line.
Oops there goes the material, everything's immaterial.
Commander, Commander no one can get guns, should we run?
Commander: without ordnance, all is of unimportance.
Uh-oh there goes the materials, the false profits of ministerials
We're without a wing and prayer, no one seems to care.
Oops it's back to common sense, wherefore we were there before the materialism, criterial-ism, Imperial-ism, ministerial-ism...
Hip hip hooray; back to the basics of humanity, before all this insanity.

© ndpthepoetress Michelle Culp, creator/Admin of Humanities IDEAS

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Wednesday, November 23, 2022



Oh how my bones rattle in the grave, when you call my name
Awww to know my life was not lived in vain
Up above, the sounding whirl winds blow
And with bated breath, one leap of faith; I hear the mighty shouts, Geronimo
Oh upon such a day, whence you reach that veil between Heaven and Hell
Thence as you slip into that vast abyss, not knowing which way you go
I hope, with your final breath, you find the same strength to shout with glee, Geronimo
I am free, I am free; let it be.

©written by ~ndpthepoetress Michelle Culp, creator of Humanities IDEAS (Inclusion, Diversity, Equality, Acceptance, Solidarity for all Humanity)

November is designated as National Native American Heritage Month.  

Geronimo (1829-1909) was an Apache leader and medicineman.
"Geronimo was the leader of the last American Indian fighting force formally to capitulate to the United States. Because he fought against such daunting odds and held out the longest, he became the most famous Apache of all."

art by Mimì, 'the artist behind MimiPrints. An anatomy painter and medical  watercolor illustrator.'

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Saturday, April 09, 2022

The Last Ides of March

SPRING QUEEN, fully hand painted original by artist © witsend
Ides of March
©ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp
It was almost a month of Sundays

When on this particular day

March was trying to hold onto winter, while embracing spring

By mid-morning, the sun was already busy nurturing the grounded seeds and partially budded plants

Then the sky began to weep and Old Man Winter blew his last cold-cold breath

Scattering tiny white pellets, like confetti; onto the emerald grassy green grass

When what to my wondering eyes did I see

A round breasted robin alit in a dirt mulched barren flower bed

Her thinly twigged legs unshaken by the wild wicked winds

Not a feather ruffled or appeared out of place, nor a single shiver

As she be-bopped to the rhythm of the erratic weather

Be-bopping ever so gracefully, back and forth, forth and back

Partaking of the tiny hailed pellets, quenching her thirst

Suddenly; it dawned on me, this is the very essence of life

No matter what life throws at us, no matter the need to cry, scream...

We can remain sturdy amidst the storms of life

By simply nib, nibbling on the mere morsels from the silver lining

And just keep bob, bobbin' along.

ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp, Founder and Admin of Humanities IDEAS

  ©#A8975Z Page 4


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Sunday, October 31, 2021

Halloween Sympathy

Halloween Sympathy
by Michelle Culp, ndpthepoetress of Humanities IDEAS

Welcome; one and all, to this one precious life given for free to thee
Step on up, don't be shy; oh there's so many questions of why
But don't you worry your pretty little head, we'll all some day be dead
So why not enjoy the ride, at least you can say you tried!
Give it your best, for perhaps it's all but a test
Oh but beware the pitfalls along life's way; they say these are full of ups and downs, smiles and frowns
The horrors we've seen of our fellow kind, fall and hit the wall; unable to get over the humps or around the bumps
So if you can, lend a helping hand, that would be grand
Let us all Step Right Up; welcome each other to the Greatest Show On Earth, where one-way tickets are given at birth.


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Sunday, September 19, 2021

How To Tear Down Walls and Open Doors

These are the foundations for tearing down any wall that surrounds you, and freeing yourself to endless possibilities in all aspects of your life: Be the constructor of your life, make a plan. Educate your mind with accredited self-help articles, books... Motivate yourself with positive quotes... Do not hesitate nor be afraid to ask for help-to accept help. Nurture your emotions, make time to rest and relax when you can. Give yourself time to heal like you would a broken bone, the flu... Reward, treat yourself, even if just once in awhile; but do it! Build confidence; look in the mirror daily and learn to truly love your reflection, love you; you are worth it. Do NOT judge time or any set backs. Simply enjoy your small progresses, the tiny cracks in your walls; for the door is on the other side of many doors you will and can, eventually; open in your life. Remember to remember, throughout life; your mind, your heart, your spirit, your mental wellbeing...every part of you is a muscle needing motivation, exercise, or knowledge. Go on now; build those muscles and start tearing those walls down and opening doors of opportunities in your life, for this is YOUR LIFE! ~ndpthepoetress, Michelle Culp of Humanities IDEAS

© 2021 To You From Steph

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Sunday, June 13, 2021

What the Hell is Self-talk?

 What the Hell is Self-talk? 

A short, comprehensive essay by Jeane Michelle Culp (ndpthepoetress)

And so I did, until I had to no more. ~ndpthepoetress

Self-talk, what the heck does that even mean. I can't just say, things will be okay; things will get better. Heck, my inner child knows better than that kind of talk; passive dismissive. Myself and I are joined at the hip, together toward a downward spiral, of rapidly losing all hope. 'Til one day; I heard my usual negative thoughts about myself, over and over; again and again. Then suddenly, like a long unanswered prayer; an unfamiliar self voice, from deep within the crevices of my mind, shouted; STOP, that is not me. I am not that way. I know how, who I am. I am a kind, caring, considerate,... person. It was at that moment, I truly understood what self-talk is. I had to stand up for me, myself, and I. Because; I had unwittingly, become my own worst critic. My thoughts were bullying me like my abusers had, and only I could save us from the bullies. And so my journey began; until the day I do not have to any more.

Like a scene out of 1Shuffle, (though admittedly, I've only started watching 30 minutes of that movie.) I could see the various ages in my life, passing before my eyes. And with each tear, I could feel every time I was abused.

So today; I burn the echoes of quotes about 'what you see in others is a reflection of yourself'; and 'you are what you attract'. Rather the reflection and attraction are from a vicious cycle, that unbeknownst; I had been attracting and tolerating. The same behavior from my past abusers, was now being extended by other people, who knew exactly how to demean me, by using my vulnerability against me.

Perhaps attraction really does exist, however; I wouldn't go as far as the seemingly cultish, "The Law Of Attraction". But if you can attract; I was no longer going to hold up a mirror for vindictive, abusive people to continue the cycle of abuse. As if giving myself ammunition to confirm my abusers browbeating words of I am no good, I am worthless, I'll never amount to anything, I don't deserve any better... NO more. I want to attract people who see the good in me, the small part in me that I know truly still does exist, despite the understandably, to somewhat of a degree; bitter person I'd become over the years. 

Today the real self-talk begins for the betterment. Today I no longer will 'let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet' and trample my soul.

And so; let your self-talk begin. Start with NO. No I am not this, no I am not that way, No I am not ____, No I am not ____,... NO more negativity.

Instead; say to yourself: I am ____, I am ____, I am ____... (accentuate the positive).

In the process; may you start attracting that which clears your cloudy eyes. May instead, you start seeing through stained glassed windows of positive possibilities, that reflect healing light upon your inner child. And may you continue upon this new journey of encouraging self-talk in your life, until you need not any more.

Don't wait for your life to flash before your eyes, go on and love yourself today. Break the cycle! 

Break The Cycle

 Written by ~ndpthepoetress (-Jeane Michelle Culp) of 

You Are Watt Matters

"This above all- to thine own self be true"
-Hamlet, Act I, Scene 3

Steven Michael
Misery loves company well not me though
Ya I'm good all alone I'd rather not manage your ego
All you do is complain and gossip about other people
Man I ain't judging but you ain't gone be doing that shit around me no no
That's not the vibe on this side we stay elevated
We smile through the pain overcome thank God and then we celebrate it
Our meditation our medication
Our peace of mind is something sacred
We empathize but don't have the patience
For negativity and hating
Ya it's all love and I'm saying
I'll send you my love while I'm praying
But right now I'm focused on me and my team and our goals
And these dues that we're paying
So dude stop playing and don't be confused
Your issues ain't what really makes you miserable
You can miss me with that misery
Words are magic and I'm dodging all the wizardry
All the pettiness I won't let it get to me
Ain't nobody walking through my mind with their dirty feet
You can miss me with that misery
It's all love but I'm protective of my energy
All the pettiness I won't let it get to me
Ain't nobody walking through my mind with their dirty feet
Don't get me wrong we all suffer
And while we're here we need to love one another
If you're in pain or in need I've got you covered
What I'm talking bout is all the toxic clutter
Used to be a head case
Had to get my head straight
I did the work it took some time but finally cleared my head space
Now my mind clean that's feng shui
Done paying mind to what some say
I'm dodging vibes I'm unfazed
I'm going up that's one way
No I do not have the time if your energy ain't matching mine
Me and the team a mastermind with blinders on we're on our grind
Ya we show love and improvement
We'd rather make moves than excuses
Misfortune isn't exclusive
We just decided to do it
So sorry not sorry I've got to be selfish
Won't let my thoughts be effected
By limiting views or another's perception
Your limitations are your misconceptions
I'm focused on light and selecting
To believe in my life not projections
That are rooted in fear I gotta stay clear til all of my truth manifested
You can miss me with that misery
Words are magic and I'm dodging all the wizardry
All the pettiness I won't let it get to me
Ain't nobody walking through my mind with their dirty feet
You can miss me with that misery
It's all love but I'm protective of my energy
All the pettiness I won't let it get to me
Ain't nobody walking through my mind with their dirty feet

1Movie: Shuffle ("Desperate to solve the mystery behind his wife's death, Lovell Milo (TJ Thyne, from the T.V. Series "Bones") is trapped living his life out of order. He is forced to piece together clues while waking up every day at a different age, on a different day of his life." (Release date : ‎ August 21, 2012  Actors ‏ : ‎T.J. Thyne, Paula Rhodes, Tamara Taylor...)

Art from Tulsa Stained Glass 


Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Tis The Season - Movie


Christmas Movie, Tis The Season
When reformed convict Korey Carpenter is hired as head youth pastor, he has no idea how close his past is to catching up with him. With the camp deadline looming, can Korey and the kids come up with enough Christmas magic to make ends meet?

Filmed at the beautiful American Fork Community Presbyterian Church; 'where the 1984 movie Footloose, filmed most of the movie's church scenes'.
Director Bennie Parker
Featuring original songs written by Bennie Parker
Songs produced by Dirk Parker
Starring Seth Goldklang, Whitney Lang, Dylan Love, Henry Moyle...
Genres: Faith and Spirituality, Arts, Entertainment, and Culture, Music
 🎬Available on Amazon Prime🎬
From Been Jammin' INC., Bennie Parker's heart to yours; enjoy! Mixed and mastered the official soundtrack for the motion picture by Dirk Parker! *Featuring original songs written by Bennie Parker! 💕🎶 Tis The Season - Movie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is OUT on ALL STREAMING PLATFORMS 🔥🎬 Please give it a listen and share with your friends and family! It’s full of great Christmas songs that will be sure to warm your heart! ❤️