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I have long wanted to participate in a new meme to “bring 'goodness, graciousness, and healing' to our world” started by Jennifer at GOODNESS GRACIOUSNESS. (Please visit Hold the Vision! for heartfelt details.) Now the question remained, how could I ‘help heal the world and hold that vision?’ By doing just that, holding my vision - I realized my aspiration. And so it is at this time I present my Vision to “bring ‘goodness, graciousness, and healing’ to our world”:

Humanity! If we all could join together as "one" on all noteworthy humanitarian causes, regardless of topic; the combination of such positive aspects and efforts would be electrifying. And perhaps the ultimate answer to what People continuously seek. "United for Humanity" - we can make a difference. So let your "Humanitarian Cause" be known. Spread the word! If you have a "Humanitarian Cause" or know someone who does, that would like to be listed, supported, etc. please visit Humanitarian Causes - United for Humanity (HCU4H) and e-mail your link and site description.

There is no cost, no gimmicks, no work for you to do! HCU4H will list your Humanitarian Web Site or Blog Site with all links going to your site. HCU4H will promote your Humanitarian Cause! HCU4H will construct an rss feed for your site to be included on the HCU4H Blog, with a ‘Share What You Know at BlinkBits’. (BlinkBits is a system designed to “share your bits of wisdom on any topic instantly”. )

Why is Humanitarian Causes - United for Humanity doing this?

So there can be a "one stop place" for People to list AND find Humanitarian Causes.

What are Humanitarian Causes?

Not only the large org sites, however; the blogs and web sites People have worked hard on to support these Causes in Humanity. Rather that be Health such as quit smoking, the Environment such as Climate and how it affects humankind, Ethnic groups, Art, etc…

HCU4H is by the People for the People in “one place”, here at Humanity’s Street Corner, for People to list AND find all Humanitarian Causes.

United For Humanity!

So come on over People of the WWW to Humanity’s Street Corner at HCU4H! Visit - get listed! And be sure to visit the HCU4H Blog!

Thank You again Jennifer for such a wonderful idea for a meme to help “bring 'goodness, graciousness, and healing' to our world”! As many People already have, may more People continue to Hold the Vision!

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Jennifer said...

Dearest Jeane...

Such a lovely thought and a beautiful way to add goodness and graciousness to our world!

There are so many wonderful organizations and people doing so many fabulous things... if we each supported the humanitarian cause for which we most feel passion, our world would most certainly be a different place!

Your vision speaks to my little bit of prose today... on how we can live our lives.

We must be on the same wave length! :-)

Thank you so much for sharing your spirit, insight and care Jeane.

And thank you for your kindness is sharing this meme!

Love and big hugs,


franscud said...

Hi Poetress! I have some fun news for you, continuing the theme of goodness. I've tagged you with a Blogger for Positive Global Change award!

eastcoastdweller said...

What a great idea!

And what a well-deserved nomination from franscud.

Jennifer said...

Hi Jeane,

Your site is looking GREAT!

I have an organization I would like to include on the site:

It is playpumps!

I love this idea so much and it is an easy way to bring water to those of our world family dying for lack of clean water!


I blogged about it some time ago and want to spread the word!

Blessings to you my friend,


-Jeane Michelle Culp said...

Thanks eastcoastdweller! I do hope you are enjoying your Champagne, you so well deserve; as it has been a matter of hide and seek trying to contact you recently (lol).

-Jeane Michelle Culp said...

Jennifer this is wonderful News, Thank you! I will be sure to list this Organization, The PlayPump™ System at Humanitarian Causes - United for Humanity! Thank you again Jen! Hugs from the Universe to you!

eastcoastdweller said...


Well, I thank You for thinking of me and presenting me with the Champagne Award.

But You deserve the real kudos for coming up with this creative and helpful idea - may it prosper and grow!

I am glad that You enjoy my blog although I am just a little puzzled about being, as you said, hard to contact.

I hope that it will become more and more a place on the web where You glorious Ladies can feel free to express Yourselves about anything and everything; receive the praise and adoration that You deserve; absorb helpful information; find links that benefit You; and enjoy good conversations.

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