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To list just a few of my current events, a Co-Worker has cancer (see The Red Carpet); a Co-Workers’ Best Friend since days at War together, has just been diagnosed with cancer and has 6 weeks to live. One Co-Worker had a stroke not to long ago and will be unable to return to work or his style of life and motorcycles. One Co-Worker recently unexpectedly under went immediate necessary brain surgery and died on the operating table. One Co-Worker just lost her Father-In-Law last night; as he drove home, he crashed into a tree; supposedly he had a heart attack. Another Co-Worker was telling me that she has had 4 deaths in her Family in the last 2 months. Understandably, she is unsure if she can handle the heart wrenching news if any more should occur, as other members in her Family are currently not well. In less than a few months, a champion Co-Worker has triumphed over her Daughters’ miscarriage, 3 cars in one month expensively breaking down, the loss of her Mother to inevitable cancer, and shortly afterwards, their Family dog dying - pending an astronomical vet bill. She accredits the Lord for her remarkable strength during this seeming trial. I widen my eyes and note, our City has just lost 9 Fire Fighters in one blaze. “The nation’s deadliest single disaster for firefighters since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.” This week, another rare event in our City took the lives of 5 People in a Highway accident involving an 18 wheeler. Compared to what everyone else is going through; I feel terrible to be complaining to myself, about my own mediocre confrontations amid dharma or karma. And yet with my heart being pulled in so many directions and many of my personal situations being intellectually challenged, I can’t help but want to scream.

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5 Comments With Humanity:

Eastcoastdweller said...

Go ahead and scream. You have every right. Sometimes it can be therapeutic.

Anonymous said...

Unless it's a really, really odd coincidence, I think my boyfriend is a co-worker of the husband of YOUR co-worker who recently lost her father-in-law. Because he came home and told me that exact same story the other night. What a small, small world.

And yes, sometimes it's okay to scream!

ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp said...

Thanks eastcoastdweller! Therapeutic, I agree! However; the neighbors might mind!

Kristy my site is all about Serendipity! Coincidence... Where are you from? Please note, that the Father-In-Law is spoken highly of; and leaves an ever lasting, cherished impression in the hearts of those in life who were fortunate to know him.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Mt. Pleasant, but the coworker of the boyfriend is from Moncks Corner. I'm sure there are nothing but good things to say. I was saddened when I heard the story, not only because it's a terrible loss but such a sad, tragic way for it to happen.

ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp said...

Thank you Kristy for your kind words and I can correspond to your sadness. Yes this is Serendipity. Perhaps you were meant to read my post and I your comments, so some where in the blogosphere we can try to make some sense of this and the other tragedies; or at least find comfort in commonality. For this is Serendipity, a Universal symphony whose tune can be heard by the most tone deaf person. Thank you again Kristy. Hugs from the Universe to you! May we always remember, all the world is not S.I.C.K., For in-between all the torrid rains, there are rainbows. In-between the avalanches, there are snowmen.

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