Saturday, January 13, 2007

Unfinished Masterpiece

Serendipity incidences have adorned my life for many years. The one spectacular serendipity moment I will forever treasure most is about my Daughter Violet. I had reluctantly placed Violet up for adoption when she was 1 year and 7 months old. When she was 16 years old I had gotten a P. O. Box so she could always have an address to get in touch with me, no matter where I moved. Shortly afterwards, the junk mail started arriving. One in particular caught my eye, the usual Frisbee CD disk from AOL to join their internet service. I would have disregarded the canister, except the password on the front stunned me. To this day I still have that very piece of junk mail. The password printed on the label, “BRING VIOLET’. Five something years later my Daughter and I have been blessedly reunited and I still get letters from my Daughter at that P. O. Box! Now that my Dear Readers is pure Serendipity!

Other occurrences of serendipity I have yet to unravel the mysterious ‘rhyme and reason’ for them. However; the below is a true story of the most astonishing serendipity in my life to date:

I worked with this Lady, Jen. In the course of developing a Friendship with Jen, I learned she wrote poetry and had a wonderful blog site. In fact, Jen inspired me to start my own, hence; my blog site ‘Binding Ink’. One day Jen resigned from her job. I never knew much more about her after that. However; I knew she kept her other job as a Night Manager at a local Perkins Restaurant. Sadly, October 7, 2006 a former Perkins employee robbed the place - shot and killed Jen.

Then toward the end of November, just so happen I was searching for a new residence. I had made calls to several apartment complexes. One LandLady, said there may be an opening in January if the Tenants decide not to renew their lease. Then suddenly a few days later this LandLady called, stating a previous application did not go through and there was an immediate vacancy! I was happy, signed, sealed, approved, and started moving in Friday December 22. Saturday things in the apartment started going wrong. The curtains I hung fell down, this – that and the other. All the while, I kept getting this vibe to check the mailbox here. I was like, heck I just moved in; why would I want to check the freakin’ mailbox. Meanwhile; I also kept thinking how much my taste in decorating had changed for the better and how the writing vibes in this apartment were strong. Any how; about 4 pm Christmas Eve I was taking my last load of empty boxes out to the trash and decided to check the mailbox. I brought the mail into my apartment and when I saw whom the old junk mail was addressed to, I about fell on the floor! The junk mail was addressed to no other then, Jennifer Skurow. My old Friend, Co-Worker, Jen! Remember, I never got to know her that well, so I surely never knew where she lived. Of all the apartment possibilities in any town, what were the odds of over 2 months later I would be living in Jens’ old place? Serendipity.

Yes, it is ever so sorrowful, amongst those Family Members, Friends, Co-Workers, Blog Readers whom will miss Jen; gone also is Jen’s talent, her poetry, that may never be known. For when Dominic murdered Jen that dreadful night, he also left the ‘literary world’ with an unfinished masterpiece. However; my Dear Readers, amidst the ‘sick’ events in the world, amidst the chaos there are rainbows and snowmen. And so just maybe in spirit or atom particles of anonymities; maybe Jen is here to encourage people like myself to establish their writings, their talents before it’s too late.

Serendipity, a Universal symphony whose tune can be heard by the most tone deaf person.

Follow-up Posts:

JUSTICE for Jennifer Skurow (15 months to the date of Jennifer Skurow’s murder, the alleged murderer is now going to trial.)

JUSTICE for Jennifer Skurow Prevails (Heather Olinger from CountOn2 News online, Thursday, Jan 10, 2008 - 09:32 PM states; “… man guilty of murder and armed robbery, and sentenced him to life in prison….”)


eastcoastdweller said...

What beautiful thoughts!

Do you still have some of your friend's poetry? Post it and share it, so that she may also live on through your life.

Nom de plume The 'Poetress' said...

Unfortunately eastcoastdweller, I do not have any of her poems, nor do I know of anyone who does – except maybe her Family. Perhaps upon healing, one day a Family Member will share Jens’ writings with the rest of the World, so we all can enjoy.