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Art of Listening

ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp // Sunday, January 07, 2007

It seems to be a sick world. Rather one person or a group of people are doing something worse than the person before. Or someone is stricken ill, much worse than the other. It is a sick world.

Be Mothers killing their offspring like some innate, wild manly beast syndrome. Child molesters robbing fruit from the young before it is ripe. Mental Physical Child abuse – no excuse. Drug abuse, alcohol abuse, any reason as an excuse. Columbine High - Teenagers Gone Wild and We Don’t Know Why. Blame Syndrome guns, videos, parents, schools, manufactures, etc. anyone except our very own self. Crime is high – enjoy the tax free ride - free TV, free cable, three free meals, free pills, free medical, free dental, free education, etc. And what criminals haven’t already done to our society, others have done to us such as 9-11. Benefits, many murders are given the death penalty to die humanly for their gravely acts. Those without an immoral harden heart are at a disadvantage. In particular those people with illnesses, especially diseases without a cure such as cancer, aids… Sadly, these people die inhumanly. In the intervening time, these law abiding citizens must also bear atrocious unflavored m & m’s (medical and medicine cost) or do without. Yes, It is a sick world from the cradle to the grave.

However; sometimes life is merely a matter of perception. Is the world more good or bad? ‘Is the glass half full or half empty?’ For; in-between life and death, there is: serendipity, ironic, coincidence, and karma. Four words that merely seem to be complex, exchangeable synonyms. And due to individualism, the terms can be a matter of personal perception, personal choice on how you perceive them. As in, is disease a disease or dis-ease? For intellectual raison d'être, I will begin with my definition for these four words:

Serendipity: "the effect by which one accidentally discovers something fortunate, especially while looking for something else entirely" Wikipedia

Ironic: when you say one thing but mean another; that what might be expected and what actually occurs

Coincidence: a matter of luck, a fluke; thinking about a song and then hearing it on the radio or thinking about a Friend and getting a phone call from that person

Karma: has to do with fate, personal belief

Oh, but the combination of ‘ick’ is a Universal symphony whose tune can be heard by the most tone deaf person; is the purest serendipity.

My belief is that essentially there is more to life than what our basic 6 senses are cognitively aware of. Again all this is just my conviction, and that is the Universe talks to us all. Note: one can call the Universe God, He, She or whatever. Yet, as certain as there is the wind for which we can not see, there is a voice-the voice of the Universe.

All one needs to do is understand the language. To each Country, Culture their own native tongue; foreign to many others. Any class of Aves-for every bird its’ own melody. Nature has ‘The Four Seasons’ language. Autumn paints its’ season in colorful leaves, Spring in fields of wild flowers, Winter in whiteness, Summer in heat. The Universe, a language all its’ own. The Universe is a voice that speaks a language based on sight. The HIF sight that is. Hindsight I-knew-it-all-along, Insight (intuition), Foresight (make provision for what may happen). “The hindsight into the past gave me new insight into the present reality that in turn provided me with a hopeful foresight into the future.” -Village Church

So no matter how 'sick' the world may seem at times. Remember for all the torrid rains there are rainbows. For all the avalanches there are snowmen. And through all the worldly chaos, the Universe does speak to us of its’ beauty, its' rhyme and reason, via 'serendipity, ironic, coincidence, and karma'. All we need to do is use the 'HIF' factor to figure out what the clues mean or where in life they lead. For this my Dear Readers is the true art of listening.

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