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Dear Sometimes Heads Have Got to Roll

ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp // Saturday, April 22, 2017

Mesoamerican Mythology By Kay Almere Read, Jason J. Gonzalez
Charcoal Crunchers
"A present-day Tzotzil tale tells why weird creatures called Charcoal Crunchers no longer exist. A long time ago, a man was married to a charcoal crunching wife. Every night her head would leave her body and bounce over to the fireplace to eat hot charcoals. Occasionally the head would leave the house and thud around the neighborhood.
One night, the husband had enough and rubbed salt on her empty neck so that when she returned she could not stick her head to her body again. Annoyed, she bounced up on his shoulder and stuck there, causing him great discomfort. Some days later he convinced his wife to temporarily leave his shoulder so that he could climb a tree to fetch some pine nuts for her. Once up in the tree he refused to come down and she could not bounce high enough to reach him. Banging around the tree she accidentally crashed onto the shoulder of a passing deer and stuck there. The startled deer ran off and carried with it the last Charcoal Cruncher."

Makes you think twice doesn’t it? :)

*Cited From: "Charcoal Crunchers." Encyclopedia Mythica from Encyclopedia Mythica Online. http://www.pantheon.org/articles/c/charcoal_crunchers.html

4 Comments With Humanity

Francis Scudellari said...

I'll make sure to keep my head always firmly affixed to my neck. :)

ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp said...

Yes my Dear Friend Francis (Franscud) please do, cause you’ve got a good head on your shoulders :) Plus as Rudyard Kipling says in the poem If:

"If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs...

Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it..."

Anonymous said...

That is pretty interesting and funny.

So many myths so little time. ;)

Love the picture, it adds greatly to the story.

ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp said...

Hi Cooper, always good to hear from you! Yes, I was head over heels with the pix also. I think it came from fly.com

“So many myths so little time” - you got that right Sister - lol, I must admit lately myths have given my head food for thought :)

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