Servitude Under A Manufactured Reality

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Realization of Humanity's Manipulation

Author: The Human Being named Logan

This false system greater Humanity has been enslaved by is crumbling before our very eyes. Systems of control are now ether collapsing all around us or greater Humanity can see them for what they really are, seeing the corruption and deception of nation-states, governments, monetary systems, organized religion and secret societies. Exposing their plans and forcing them to work out in the open for greater humanity to see giving us an opportunity to take back the earth from their corrupted hands. The plotters are doing everything they can to keep greater Humanity from awakening, using mass fear and chaos all over the world while they have their new world order control grid put in place. The plotters are working feverishly to install this new world order system to keep Humanity enslaved, knowing full well the old system is failing, and they fear an even bigger threat to their rein, the Human consciousness evolution .The profound earth changes of this incredible moment in time are causing a considerable sift of earth's electromagnetic energy frequency range causing a great awakening within Human Beings.

This evolution in Human consciousness will end of the world as we know it causing the death of many old ways, and giving birth too many new ways. What worked in the past, will no longer work in this renewal time of earth (Birth of a new world). The plotters know this and for this reason they throw around the phrase "The New World Order" knowing that if they can install a new false system of realty at the same time of Humanity's great awakening, they can highjack this awakening in the consciousness of greater Humanity, sealing there power in place for thousands of more years. This is the reason for all the manufactured terrorism, wealth destruction, and war (divide and conquer) to create so much fear and chaos in order to get greater Humanity to except any solutions that make them feel safe, giving up their freedoms so the plotters can complete the control grid of no escape enslaving Humanity forever.

The plotters are using psychological, educational, technological, informational, and chemical warfare tactics against greater Humanity to induce a trance like state of mind in Human Beings. That effectively paralyzes the mind with confusion and fear shutting off the communication of the spirit with the River of infinite wisdom. Effectively trapping the higher self in the body through the carnal senses and desires, in order to manipulate Human Beings to accept this false reality where a few control and enslave greater Humanity.

At this point in Human history, most every Human Being can see the world is in a state of severe chaos with continuous war, implosion of the world's monetary systems, catastrophic earth disasters, destruction of personal freedoms, and a surveillance grid expansion into every facet of Human life on earth. No matter how hard Human Beings try to deny and make light of the events unfolding around us it's undeniable.

Every Human Being is part of the whole Human consciousness which makes up our earthly plane of existence. Humanity is connected through the Soul and communicates with all that is through the Spirit that flows into and out of every living thing throughout the entire universe. It's like a river of all experience past, present, and future and every life force can connect to this remarkable energy. When you reconnect with this river of infinite wisdom through the spirit you will gain peace, balance and begin to understand things like you have never before. It is the greatest gift of the spirit and will feed your soul.

Most Human Beings have lost the ability to experience through the spirit and have closed minds making it almost impossible for them to challenge and break free from the material system of control that keeps Humanity in the darkness. It state of imbalance has turned them into a prisoner in a false reality, obeying without question the rules of a manufactured system of control. The manufacture reality is designed by a group that will be referred to as the plotters who have remained hidden behind a thin veil of secrecy until now from the greater Humanity. These plotters know the real truth about the incredible power in every Human Being to shape the Human experience on this earthly plane of existences and for that matter the whole universe. This group is aligned with dark energy forces (negative) that use them to push a agenda of control, hate, division, destruction, death, and chaos which these dark energy beings feed on like we do food. They will stop at nothing to remain in control over greater Humanity and fear Humanity's awakening.

The truth is all Human Beings are the co-creators of their reality and the collective earthly experience is a result of the dominating force Light or dark, positive or negative, Humanity can co-create a utopia or hell on this earthly plane through this simple yet profound higher law of creation. It is the most powerful tool that Humanity has, but can only work if we reline the self and unify under light energy (positive). This synchronicity our spirits is the key to creating Utopia on the earthly plane!

The plotters keep greater Humanity in ignorance and division to deliberately deceived greater Humanity out of the knowledge and power in unity. So they the few can set them self's up as the rulers over Humanity. Human Beings have been lead a stray from the truth about what is means to be Human. We've been taught that doing your best at work and play are what living is all about. Although it is healthy to strive to be exceptional in your chosen contribution to this Human experience, Human Beings have lost sight of the most important part. The Being part of Human Being is what separates humanity from all other earthly forms of intelligence. Human Beings are beings of light, love, respect, kindness, creativity, spirituality, experiencing the manifestations of themselves ether false self (enslaved) or true self (freedom).

Human Beings are limited by the minds capacity and the body's ability on the material plane. But the creative genius of the spirit in every Human Being is limitless! All boundaries in mind and body can be bridged by excessing the river of infinite wisdom flowing out of and into all Human Beings past, present and future. All Human Beings imprint their individual earthly experiences into this etheric river that flows in and out of every human being that is and will ever be. It's likening to an encyclopedia of everything in the universe that has been and ever will be. Human Beings and all life force are one, you can feel this connection through your spirit when you reconnect to all through the infinite river of wisdom that holds the sum total of all Beings experiences throughout the universe from the beginning of time that has imprinted onto this universal river of infinite wisdom. Once you realize these truths and reconnect yourself into the highest power you will be made whole again and know that you are infinite possibility. This is the very power used to form galaxies and form particles into matter!

The river of infinite wisdom is where all things become possible! The power of the all within the river has both Light energy (positive) and dark energy (negative) forces that shape our earthly reality. The dominating force in the River is determined directly and indirectly by the thoughts and feelings projected into the river by individual Human Beings forming the collective spirit force. Humanity has been deceived and misguided away from knowing the true power within to co-create this earthly existence into what we wish. Awaken and unite under freedom and cause the light energy (positive) to dominate the river of infinite wisdom. Guiding Humanity to harmony with nature and earth to usher in a time of astounding peace and love, a utopia on the earthly plane!

Humanity can win this war for freedom! We must unite under the freedom without exception; every Human Being's life on earth has the same value! No Human Being is of any greater value than any other regardless of an individual's ability's, material wealth, or education. All innovation, invention, creativity, and design should be used to enhance Humanity's earthly experience. The controllers of the manufactured reality manipulate reality by suppressing the release of scientific breakthroughs that would provide great individual freedoms freeing Humanity to evolve into greater and greater possibility, and enhancing this Human experience for those here now and yet to come. The plotters only release the technology if at all into the system when they have figured a way to control it to their benefit. It's time stop the plotters from preventing Humanity from personally benefitting from Human innovations, for the sake of control, power, and greed of a few.

To have with fullest earthly experience Human Beings should be utilizing the whole of their Being Mind, Body, and Spirit to give and receive the fullest earthly to and from this earthly experience. Sadly most only experience the carnal side of this earthly experience. Human Beings have been deceived into believing that their earthly name, physical appearance, geographic location, material wealth, social position and religious faith are who they are. Human Beings are spirit souls occupying an incredibly complex organism called the body, in order to experience this earthly realm. The body is the vehicle, the mind decodes this vibrational plane, and the spirit ascends above into the universe.

The river of infinite wisdom is expanding continuously; all thoughts and feelings of Humanity are flowing into the river. The thoughts and feelings a Human Being projects, constructive (light energy) or destructive (dark energy) are recorded in the river. The river is in constant circulation flowing out of and into each and every Human Being . The balance of light and dark energy is paramount to the Human spirit as a whole. If the river is dominated by light energy, humanity as a whole feels greater love and unity toward one another. When the river is dominated by dark energy, humanity as a whole feels greater hate and division towards one another.

The results of anyone's efforts can only be negative when the dark energies are used by Human Beings and organizations on the Earthly plane. The selfish pursuit of advantages and power over greater Humanity through the use of these negative (dark energies) is the ultimate corruption. Any achievements gained by the use of the negative (dark energies), comes back with even greater force upon those who use them for selfish means. In other words the use of the negative brings negative back to you! Conversely the use of the positive (light energies) brings positive back to you!

Human Beings through birthright alone should have the Freedom to do whatever they want so long as it doesn't harm other human beings mentally or physically should be our vow. And living in harmony with the planet, taking only what is needed and renewable. The time is now for a paradigm shift to true FREEDOM for the whole of humanity. Unite under Freedom! Swear your allegiance to life and a free Human experience allowing Humanity to reach limitless possibilities! Humans united under freedom to live in harmony with each other and their environment. We are all light Beings of love and infinite possibilities that have been tricked into thinking we are nothing more than a mammal. To be treated as a herd animal that needs to be controlled by self-appointed rulers?

Here's a way to understand how the system that we live under is imposed upon Humanity. At the top of this world control system theirs a group bound by a shared sociopathic ancient blood line (incestual bluebloods). Let's call this group the Plotters. The Plotters are in allegiance with dark energy (negative) receiving their plains of control through their spirit connection to dark energy beings that wish to enslave and use Humanity for negative energy substance. The Human Beings in league with these dark beings give themselves over to these dark beings for power and material wealth on the earthly plane at a huge price of eternal enslavement to the dark energy beings that care nothing about them and will consume their very souls, in order to rule over Humanity's earthly experience.

When the plans are received the Plotters pass the plans down to a group we'll call the Social Programmers. The Social Programmers are also part of ancient sociopathic blood line which rule over greater Humanity. Their part in the system is to develop programs that run in the minds of Human Beings to manipulate the Human mind to except a false reality and enslavement. The Social programmers use advanced psychological warfare on Human Beings minds, and have many programming tools at their disposal, education, religion, all forms of electronic media, print media, and the programed Human Beings repeating and reinforcing the programming to themselves and others.

To keep these programs running the minds of Humanity, and keep Humans Beings from challenging the programs a 3rd group is used that we'll call the Controllers. This group doesn't have to share the pure ancient sociopathic blood line of the Plotters and Social Programmers, but have a deep seeded lust to be in positions of power over other Human Beings, making them the perfect group for the task of physical force control over Human Beings.

Every Human Being is aware of these groups on one level or another of the force controllers, (governments, police, military, international army's, secret services, monetary systems, programed Humans policing one another). Human Beings needs not waste their time and energy learning more about these ruling groups. It will do nothing to aid freedom, because this is not a fight of the earthly plane, but instead a battle on the spiritual plane!

The plotters are controlling humanity by injecting their programs into the minds of Human Beings through various vehicles, at the same time destroying of our minds and body with chemicals in the air, water and food. The Plotters understand the Human body is the Achilles heel of Humanity, do to this demanding vessel humanity is easily enslaved in this earthy experience. The body needing constant care, food, water, shelter, sleep, clothing, exercise, and sexual release are all needed to keep the body organism healthy and alive. The body feels pain and the mind experiences emotional responses to stress from lack or poor quality of the needs of the body. The Plotters use all these needs to control and keep Humans Beings enslaved! We can overcome this enslavement through the uniting of individual Human souls, traveling outward through the Human spirit, uniting in oneness, and harmonizing with the above (higher planes) and the below (earth). Awaken and remember the Human spirit can transcend all constraints of the body and the soul/spirit can never die!

The Plotters know very well about the true power in every Human Being to shape reality. The biggest fear of the plotters is Humanity awaking up to this manufactured system of control, and reducing their power over Humanity to zero! They are very aware that the soul is interminable and the Human spirit is free to roam even if the body was imprisoned, the only way Human Beings can be controlled is by cutting off Human Beings ability to communicate through the spirit with one another and to draw from the infinite river of wisdom where real truth is found. The greater the separation of mind, body, and spirit leading to a greater inability to communicate with the river of infinite wisdom the more easily a Human mind can be programed.

Humanity's thoughts are controlled by programs running in the mind like computer runs software. Since your birth into this Human experience, programs have been installed into your mind. This programing has been and is loading into your mind from institutions of Government, organized religious institutions, education systems, family, friends, culture, peers, public opinion, corporations, Television, radio, and movies to list a few.

Programs are imprinted (loaded) upon Human Beings mind through visual imagery, verbal repetition, emotional triggers and memorization. Layer after layer of programing is built up in the human beings mind, misaligning the connection between the mind body, and soul. In order to program the mind to except a life time of servitude under a manufactured system of control. That's right most human beings are a programed slaves, believing they are free!

The most powerful and useful programs are designed to play on the prejudices of Human Beings to divide and conquer; this is how the few rule the many! Unite under Freedom and ascend in spirit to end Humanity's division. Most Human Beings minds today have been lulled into a hypnotic state, this trance state operates somewhere between a manufactured reality and true reality, in varying degrees in Humans minds.

The Plotters work tirelessly and relentlessly to hide the true nature of Human Beings, allowing those who know the truth to weld the knowledge like a sword striking a blow to Humanity's true origins, and power, leaving most to turn towards organized religions and science for the answers, which are very powerful tools to program and manipulate Humanity.

Hidden knowledge is power, power to lead, mislead, and control. This is how we are lead to war; hate, division, and death when the dark energy (negative) is dominate. When we are meant to have peace; love, harmony, and abundant life utilizing the light energy (positive).

The plotters have hidden knowledge from Humanity by conquest and tyranny, infiltrating a culture through war or deception, motivated to learn their most important knowledge. After the information is attained all who know and can perpetuate that knowledge are murdered, and all written texts are taking out of circulation, making it unavailable to the masses.

The plotters use the monetary system to enslave and exploit other Human Beings talents and physical labor for a small wage, then charge them tax on their labor. Using the monetary system to buy all of earth's real valuable assets like water, land, minerals, and oil etc. etc. that belong to all Human Beings, and not individuals and corporations, The plotters keep Humanity held under them through laws, regulation, and taxes to make greater Humanity enslaved and poverty stricken. Creating a system that keeps Human Beings under the system never having too much power, or sufficing resources to challenge and unseat the rich Plotters from their thrones of power. Poverty is by design, through military, slavery, unfair debt, unfair trade and tax all to support this false system which is destroying planet earth and leading to the extinction of Humanity. The system must be destroyed, and can be easily achieved by expanding the consciousness of greater Humanity to the laws of the river of infinite wisdom. Unite under Freedom and take back our Humanity from the false system of control!

The plotters use the dark energy (negative) as a means of controlling Humanity through fear! Fear causes a debilitating state of mind impairing reason and judgment. This is why Human Beings burned other Humans at the stake for being accused witches, and hung others just because of skin color. It's out of fear Human Beings are set against one another in war, hatred, and how we allow our governments to take our freedoms, in the name of more safety. It's time for Humanity to stop fearing, and ascend above fear into the light of a new understanding. Realizing that if Humanity doesn't give into fear, and refuses to participate in this false reality of control through war; hate, division, and death, Humanity will reclaim peace and prosperity for all. Reject the false reality and Unite under Freedom!

Look around and notice systems of controls are increasingly taking your freedoms away. The plotters know that in order to hang onto their rule over Humanity during this awaken period, Human Beings mustn't be allowed to awaken others or stop participating in the enslavement to the system at all cost!

Awaken! Notice when Human Beings begin to Unite under a cause that threatens the manufactured power structure, the plotters move in and co-op the moment, perverting the cause in the minds of Humanity. The plotters use their control of all forms of media to program Humans minds to turn away from supporting any moment that threatens their power.

The biggest polluters of the earth are the very same sociopathic ancient blood lines known as the plotters, programmers and controllers. Through their corporations they strip the earth of its resources and pollute the environment and the name of profits. Then put the blame on human overpopulation for the polluting of the earth. The plotters come up with schemes undreamed of to take more wealth from humanity and gain more control, all in the name of the environment they are destroying! The corporations the plotters have a vested interest in are of course exempt from the schemes like carbon credit trading, health care system, and environmental rules all designed to drive out their completion. The plotters use their control of their fiat money creation systems (reserve banks and stock markets) to buy control of entire nations. Installing a bloodline member, or paying off corruptible leaders to insure support for the agenda of control over Humanity.

Written by,

The Human Being named Logan

Written by,
The Human Being named Logan
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About the Author

Born from the desire to unite Human Beings of the world under freedom! Freedom to live out this earthly existence in any way you prefer, learning and experiencing whatever you desire as long as you don't harm another Human Being. Living in Harmony with all living things and earths environment, free from hate, greed, deceit, oppression, poverty, war and all corrupted so called Government and Corporate leaders. Stopping the destruction of earth and ultimately Humanity by the greedy few.

Let us all put aside our difference of opinions and Unite Under Freedom to ascend above the chaos, awakening the dormant power within every human being to transform reality. United together in spirit, respecting all culture, and creed to create perfected balance with the above and below.

Reprinted with Permission from The Human Being named Logan

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