50 Wonderful Women

For 55 years the Newspaper published in Memphis, Tennessee and founded by (publisher of the Chicago Defender); has been “1one of the longest, continuously-published African-American papers in the United States”.

In addition to informative African-American news and having been active in the ; the Tri-State Defender also annually honors “Women of Excellence”.

2Each woman must be an African-American executive, professional, businessperson or community leader with a proven record of accomplishment. She must be a positive role model who has influenced the lives of others and demonstrated an active role in the community.”

On March 5th; Tri-State Defender published an official nomination form. By the end of the month; Tri-State Defender began their selections from numerous nominees. Then on April 24, 2009 at The Tower Room, in Memphis, Tennessee; these 50 exceptionally influential African-American Women were honored! at the Tri-State Defender Online.

served as Event Coordinator last year and for this year’s Women of Excellence High Tea honorees. Florence M. Howard “ is an entrepreneur and founder of (SSCOMM, Inc.), an 8-year-old consulting firm that offers training, event planning, public relations and market research services to businesses, nonprofit and governmental agencies.”

Anchor, hosted the event:



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