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Dirk Parker - Bridge Over Troubled Water ()

School Talent Show

Proud Auntie Michelle (ndpthepoetress - Jeane Michelle Culp)!

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Jun 21 2008 10:00P James Island, SC

Jul 4 2008 10:00P Folly Beach () Folly Beach, SC

Aug 8 2008 10:00P Folly Beach () Folly Beach, SC

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Hello Readers! Here’s an update on what’s been going on with me. Like wow, what hasn’t been going on! Bad luck galore. Yet after every storm, there is a rainbow, so I’m waiting for the pot of gold at the end of that rainbow – lol. Let’s see, April as some of you may know - my car broke down at the worse time. I couldn’t get transportation to an important neurology doctor appointment so I had to reschedule and the soonest date was 3 months later, July – one more month to go now! My car repair cost $500, ouch! Also in April, I was trying to set up a new primary care physician who also specializes in internal medicine! Than this doctor cancels my appointments twice due to her having the flu, so because of my work schedule I had to arrange a date at the end of May. Meanwhile; toward the end of April as some of you may know - I had an ob/gyn relapse whence the Doctor there wanted to make sure it wasn’t also my appendix since the pain was on the right side. Luckily, not my appendix!

Sadly May 17th; Mr. Whoopi-Doo, a pet cat my Friend and I shared for almost 10 years, had to be laid to rest because of several health problems - including thyroid and kidney ailments.

Also in May as some of you may know, I got a severe abscessed tooth as an early birthday present to myself – lol. Now I need to get a root canal done that will cost $1,000 – ug. Thankfully; with my health insurance at work, my cost should be $200 plus, depending on what else the dentist needs to do. Right now the abscess is gone thanks to the antibiotics, so I’m going to wait till I really have no choice but to go in for the dreaded-costly root canal. Definitely the tooth pain will let me know for certain when that time is – lol. Financially the Lord has provided and the government has come in handy! And my Sis sent me money for my birthday so I was able to get a much needed new printer because my old printer kept refusing to work. Now I can write again!

More of my bad luck streak has been that as of late April I am on 60 days probation at work. After having processed over 100,000 mailings in a year, apparently I made a human error of returning a set of important documents to the wrong address. If within these 60 days I make the same error, I will be fired. If not, the incident comes off my work record. I still have till the end of June to go on this probation as I continue to worry and am trying never to make the same error again for fear of ‘or else’. Meanwhile; my luck at home has been additional stress. Just odds and ends not working – like my AC unit going out again and on Memorial Day. I finally relented to the heat and called the maintenance man. However; due to my holiday late calling, it was after 6 pm before he could help.

Than I don’t have cable tv; now for some reason my tv reception is fading fast, even with newly bought and attempted cheap antenna hookups - so I’m trying to set up the new converter box the government wants everyone ready for by Feb. 2009 due to the analog tv signal going digital. So I went to the site and got the government coupons for 2 free $40 off toward the needed converter box. However; several main stores are currently only selling one brand, each by a different company. The one I bought from Wal-Mart for $10 after the coupon isn’t working and I’m not sure yet how they are going to be able to refund the government coupon, ug. Perhaps I got a dud because the reviews are within the expected quality range. Nonetheless; Readers life goes on. Plus others have their own problems and often worse:

Like a formal Co-Worker of mine who lives alone and supports herself. My Co-Worker/Friend worked for a temp agency were I work. My place of employment is in the middle of laying People off due to the current slow work load. Yes, even though I’m not a temporary worker and am employed fulltime by the company itself, I still have to be concerned about getting laid off also in addition to everything else, ug. Anyhow, the temp agency my Co-Worker/Friend worked for assured her – she would be ok. Than the temp agency contract did not get renewed. However; our company told my Friend to apply with another temp agency. So she did and was rehired only to be laid-off due to the RIWF (Reduction in Work Force). Then her dog got bit! Fortunately the responsible dog owner paid for all my Friend’s vet bills and her dog is ok. Afterwards, she accidently stepped into a city street hole and probably broke some bones in her foot. However; she can’t afford to go to a doctor and find out, nor would she ever consider suing the city - being the nice person she is. A bunch of other bad luck stuff for her also, including misplacing her cell phone that fortunately an honest Person found. Despite all this, my Friend says the same thing I say, 'others have it worse'.

She proceeded to tell me about a segment on the show where a limo was struck head-on by a drunk driver. Among the Family passengers was a child. The Mother woke from the accident to find her child’s severed head laying beside her. “She walked to the side of the road and sat for about an hour with her daughter's head on her lap as she watched her family being cut out of the limousine”. Later, reluctantly the Mother gave her to the paramedics, as she kissed her child goodbye on the forehead. Yes Readers; this brings much tears to our eyes, yet is proof that others do have it much worse.

Heck, another Friend of mine was telling me about the singer whose 1st wife died in a motorcycle accident. Two years later while he was on tour, Roy had someone watching his 3 kids in his home that caught on fire and killed 2 of his 3 sons. “Tragedy would strike again, when, in 1973, Orbison's elder brother Grady Lee Orbison, died in a motor vehicle accident in Henderson, Tennessee when on his way to visit Roy for Thanksgiving.” Wow!

, “his father, whom he had only seen twice since his parents' divorce, was murdered on the front lawn of his home in the U.S. Virgin Islands. In 1975, his sister was raped and murdered after being abducted outside a Red Lobster restaurant in Colorado Springs. In 1980, his twin half-brothers were killed in a SCUBA diving accident.

How did any of these three People ever find the strength to go on with such emotional misfortune in their life? I think they are to be admired for finding that inward strength.

Ok Readers, so this wasn’t a happy post from me. Yet I did want to update here and unfortunately this is what’s been going on recently. Perhaps such will help some People to remember to look for the rainbows after the storms. Or gain inspiration from others who have been in worse or similar situations in their lives.

Til next time, “May God give you...For every storm a rainbow, for every tear a smile, for every care a promise and a blessing in each trial. For every problem life sends, a faithful friend to share, for every sigh a sweet song and an answer for each prayer.” - Irish Blessing

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