Saturday, April 05, 2008


I am here, but why are any of us where we are? And such is the preponderance of a continuous question that has for centuries instigated the curious nature of human beings.

Do you wonder why you are here (born)? On the sidebar is a poll for you to place your answer to this question!

This post is to test bloggers new poll feature. (poll is now closed)

All responses are appreciated and comments explaining your answer are encouraged and welcomed :)

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Ellen said...

Hi Jeane Michelle, what a profound question to start your polls!

Yes, I do wonder why I was born.. In my mind everyone comes into this world with a special gift, with special traits to make a difference in this world. In the world of others, be it few or many..
The thing is, to be able to listen to your inner voice, to fulfill your destiny in this world.. Not to live your life only focusing on those things that really didn't matter in the end..

The challenge is of course to avoid spending your whole life trying to find that purpose, finding your destiny..

Each and every day we can make that difference, we can contribute in a positive way to our world and that of others..

For me myself, being the best mother I can be is one of my main goals.. Working for a charity, as effective as I can, is one of the others.. Contribute to the live of my loved ones, of people in need will certainly make my life worth living...

Unknown said...

I think it is simply because The
Sender(The Creator of this universe)wanted all of us to be where we are now.And He may call any of us back anytime..
I admire you for posing such a vital question.!!!!
God bless.

ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp said...

OMGosh Ellen I simply admire your attitude! Oh, I do hope you will include this in a post at your site or link me to a former post you may have about this fantastic outlook of yours!

ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp said...

Thank You surjit, I’m in hopes throughout the month to delve deeper into this subject. Your view reflects your inward belief and admirable faith that also radiates in your blog site's uplifting posts and inspiring quotes that I thoroughly enjoy reading.