The Anonymity of Wiki Fever! R U Listed?

It’s helpful sometimes to search your blog title and/or your name in various search engines for various reasons such as verifying you are listed, what is listed about you and your site, etc. Today I did just that, searched my blog title; simply bindingink. I was delightedly surprised to find that Someone was kind enough to include my main domain site at About Us. And whom ever was so anonymously thoughtful to do this, did an excellent piece of work, representing my Organization and cause professionally and reputably. I would like to Thank the Person for doing this considerate deed. Thank You!

If you don’t know About Us, should you learn, edit your info, get listed? About Us is a Wiki, a Community, “Together we make About Us, a growing resource for people, organizations and their communities”.

About Us offers:

Search: “Search over 10 million, editable pages on AboutUs to find what interests you.”

Edit: “Help build this global resource by editing these pages!”

1-800: “To better help our customers, we've acquired the toll free number… making us the only major wiki to our knowledge to provide toll-free support.”

Once listed at About Us, your site Title, Description, Languages, Additional Information, and an excellent array of Related Domains are included. I’m not sure how the Related Domains are selected and/or if each are manually added in, however; the Related Domains are extremely relevant to my sites contents. Including:

Each Related Domain name links to an About Us Info about Your Site, like mine. See if you are listed on About Us and start Editing your site Info to expand, update your contents. Let us help those People who are helping our sites get listed and noticed! Lets do the Wiki the About Us way!

And a big huge Appreciative Thank You to those whom have already listed our sites at About Us! For Behind Every Pen, There is a Person.

6 Comments With Humanity:

nodirecton said...

Sounds great! I will check it out. Congrats on that nice reference to you over there!
p.s.: your OpenID section is working alright!

ndpthepoetress Jeane Michelle Culp said...

Thank You Jos!

Yes, I used the link from your post Commenting with your OpenID (and delegating your blog url to it) to ck my OpenID setup. All is ok on their end and I can use the OpenID when I respond to comments on my blog sites. However; maybe Blogger hasn’t fully launched this feature yet, as when I comment on any other sites, no other choices such as using OpenID is available to me.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen that before so it is kind of strange. The thumb shot is the first one I had when I started the domain.


ndpthepoetress - Jeane Michelle Culp said...

Hi Cooper, yea one never knows what maybe listed under their site name. Fortunately, Wiki About Us seems pretty reputable however; with the right info, that can only often come from the site owner.

Princess Haiku said...

Thanks for this info and will look into it. Your blog definitely deserves to be listed there.

ndpthepoetress - Jeane Michelle Culp said...

Thank You Princess Haiku, that’s a high compliment coming from someone of your talents. I just want site Owners to be aware, especially since a lot of sites are already listed and will continue to be listed, that best to have the site Writer verify what is written or to edit accordingly. And if not listed, perhaps best for site Owners to go ahead and put in their own words and current info.

Excuse multiple copies if any, on comments - as when editing a spelling error, Blogger glitched.

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