Someone Left The Cake Out In The Rain

Using Blog Interviewer's new widget Blog Rush, a widget to rush traffic to your site; I found this post called The War on Cakes that almost explains the incompetence of our Nations' politics, real sweet. Than toward the end the post goes flat and gets real sap soggy, like what happened Bro?

I’m not promoting the blog itself, just the post. However; if you want to use the new Blog Interviewer widget, write me so I can send you an invite and ndpthepoetress earns credits!

Signed Author

3 Comments With Humanity:

cooper said...

I had it on one of my backpages but was disappointed with the type of links so I deleted it. ;(

Author said...

Beta stages suck! According to John Reese: With this explosive growth has come some challenges, and our entire team is working very hard to solve any potential bug and issue that we've been alerted to. We're improving things at a very rapid pace and we hope to have the entire network completely stabilized very soon.” “We will be randomly distributing all extra credits amongst our entire network for awhile to reward our early adopters.”

Shaun Connell said...

Haha, I kind of like that story. For some funny reason. ;-)

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