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Long ago whence I first began posting on my blog site and what seemed like a lengthy time afterwards, I received my first comment. Excited, I followed the link from my Commenter and found a wonderfully delightful blog site, now called In Search of Isis. There were posted poems, posts with humor, and much more enjoyment in-between. Since; I have had the pleasure of reading many posts at “In Search of Isis” and amidst the written words, I caught small glimpses of a man known only as eastcoastdweller. A guy with vast interests such as being intrigued with insects, petrifiedly saving a loathsome bat, he has a fondness for the classics, poetry, music, and he is a man addicted to cigarette smoke. In his own words, he is a “capnolagiac -- a man who finds a woman's smoking to be incredibly, intensely erotic.” A man who perhaps one day may “summon the courage to pay some hotel room escort to blow her cigarette smoke at me until I die in ecstasy from a secondhand nicotine overdose.” Yes, my Friends this is the spectacular one of a kind, eastcoastdweller! A Guy who realizes that “men who love Women love Their ears right along with the rest of the miracle that is Her.”

Throughout his various posts I have had the pleasure to experience this Gentleman’s mannerism of articulating his great respect, admiration for us Women and our sites. Since his sidebar links have lengthened to include a number of Women’s sites. And so recently eastcoastdweller has decided to expand his Blog Site to include all us Woman! In his own words:

New concept for this blog

I had an idea this morning, an exciting idea – perhaps fueled in part by my happy mood since Sweetie’s sinus infection appears to be very minor this time. Thank heaven for Advil and the 24-hour Walgreen’s that sold it to me late last night. I’d crawl into hell on my hands and knees or at least make a middle of the night drive for my Goddess’ sake.

This blog exists to celebrate, adore, empower, uplift and rejoice in the magnificence of, Women. Not just magazine models – all Women, for every Woman in the world is beautiful in Her own way, a being of incredible power and potential and worth.

That is why I exist, too, to share this important message, and it is my joy and my passion.

Lovely red-headed Dawn (whose blog I have not visited in a day or two – sorry Dawn, I promise to visit tonight!) has offered me technical guidance in setting up a website that will be dedicated to the above goal, in a way that a blog cannot.

But this blog will continue along with that site. And I had an idea this morning to share the steering wheel.

What if Isis could become a true community where trusted Ladies who visit here often, could have posting privileges alongside me, posting whatever came into Their brilliant minds, plugging Their own delightful blogs shamelessly, adding appropriate links, adding resources that They, as Women, believe are important for other Women?

Can you imagine the cybervoices of possibly hundreds of Women, sharing each other's concerns, offering advice on everything that matters to Women, right here on this little blog?

I am so excited about this idea that I could burst. What do you all think?

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I am happy here at Binding Ink to share the news with you all that "For the Love of Woman" has been launched! And I invite each and everyone to please come and enjoy!

"For the Love of Woman"

“A circle of Sisters on the web and a few blessed men who rejoice to know Them. A safe place. A helpful place. For the glory of Women, the progress of Women, the uplift of Women and the health of Women in body, mind and spirit.”

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  • 2 Comments With Humanity:

    eastcoastdweller said...

    Thank You, Michelle, for this thoughtful post -- even if You did have to mention the weirder side of me, lol.

    I really appreciate it. I hope that some of Your many readers will indeed visit "For the Love of Woman" and take part in it -- it's designed to be a community blog.

    You are a Goddess indeed -- a gifted, thoughtful, beautiful Woman!

    Kneeling quietly in adoration before You ...

    East Coast Dweller

    -Jeane Michelle Culp ndpthepoetress said...

    blush… blush eastcoastdweller You are to kind my Friend. BTW: There is no weird side to you, but in humor yes I wanted to mention just a few of your quirks – lol!

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