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Art What Do You See?

What does this say, mean, represent - if anything to you?

Drawing by - Jeane Michelle Culp
(drawn using the pc mouse and the program MS Paint)
A technique inspired by ANANDI


anandi said...

It's so heartening to see that somebody got inspired from me.
Thanks a lot.
Got a caption for your artwork.
"Metamorphosis - A divergent Centaur"
I guess this is weird

-Jeane Michelle Culp said...

Thank you Anandi! Your talent in art and poetry are genuinely impressive. And indeed, because your art work is fascinating, I had to give my hand at such. Your caption for my first attempt is intriguing! Life changing Metamorphosis without limits. Perhaps such a caption does hold a ring of truth for daily existence.

Peter Haslam said...

Tree of life

-Jeane Michelle Culp said...

Thank you Peter, I was thinking the same thing - Tree of Life from which all form of life begins and is the root of our beginnings.

eastcoastdweller said...

I saw a horse stuck up in a tree.

Not sure what that reveals about my state of mind.

Thanks, Jeane, for introducing me to the very gifted Anandi, BTW.

-Jeane Michelle Culp said...

lol - no need to worry my Friend eastcoastdweller, there is indeed a horse in the tree. However; perhaps not stuck so much as maybe galloping over a tree limb, as if toward the independency of self. Art liken Poetry is the interpretation of each individual. Had this been an Psychological Ink Blot, I would have to say; whence choosing the word stuck -that you yourself maybe feel trapped, perhaps understandably with your job. I only state job since I have read several of your posts about such an uptight work environment. Golly gees, someone buy your Boss some Metamucil please – lol. In re to Anandi, he is indeed a creativity of multi-talent in mathematic Art and descriptive emotional Poetry, whom I knew you would appreciate as well as myself and others.