A Tab of Mental Alka-Seltzers

Plop Plop Fizz Fizz, oh what a relief !

Excuse me; I seem to have misplaced my teeth somewhere! No, I do not have false pearly whites. Just I have been nibbling on several jams recently. Than, just as I was about to digest some more from my already full plate, I noticed my bite wasn’t as sharp. Perhaps this is what butter knives were meant for, to help spread it all around! Anyone care for some jam! If only life were this easy! Just think, we could pick and choose what was severed on our dish! Yuck, I don’t want this, ok fork it over – I’ll take some! Assuredly, this would be one extensive meal no one would be shouting for seconds! Regrettably, as if to add salt to an already raw wound, we must almost gracefully accept this fact about life; it’s not that accommodating. For no matter the time, the place, or how much already on any platter, there will always be room for circumstances. However; there is no need to use a knife to slit one’s own throat over this. Whence the clear-cut truth is, circumstances have no margins. Nonetheless, liken any good recipe - with the proper ingredients and preparation, we can maintain a healthy mind and reap our just desserts! Plop Plop Fizz Fizz, oh what a relief that is! Lawyers say I have to add this: Caution: may have to grind a little slower or a little longer in order to absorb what is being offered. Meanwhile; if you find my virtual teeth somewhere out among this blogosphere, kindly return them to me! For perhaps later; I’ll feel the need to chew the fat over a nice glass of wine best served cold.

Bon Appetit!

originally posted 07/07/07

2 Comments With Humanity:

Anonymous said...

Yanno what kind of jam I really don't like... toejam.

But I am trying my hand at making blueberry preserves in the morning before it gets too toasty outside. Ever see a 1.5" blueberry? Me neither. I hope they have some flavor.

-Jeane Michelle Culp said...

anonymous, yes toejam is bad; it's called putting your foot in your mouth and that can be crummy.

I have never seen a 1.5 blueberry! Though, I have heard of many blueberry pests such as blueberry fruit flies. Perhaps they are merely more Gnats in our life.

Meanwhile anonymous, thanks for Binding Ink and may your hands not turn blue by trying to preserve so much!

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