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ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp // Tuesday, October 01, 2019

I often believe that life has a way of presenting circumstances in our lives as a method of reminding us about lessons yet to be learnt or merely fragmentary reflections of current events. And so such began for me, my pet Gnat. Admittedly; there were several matters bugging me recently, ordeals seemingly beyond my control. And there, every time I came home – to greet me was The Gnat. Persistently pesky little bugger, reluctant to die. Never once did it try to flight upon my food, as if to contentedly fulfill its’ own needs. Instead, this Gnat would seemingly sneak from its’ hidden abode, explicitly when my eyes were fixated else where in deep thought; than zoom! Zoom, whoosh, whiz repeatedly; as I tried in accordance, only to unsuccessfully squish it with my hand or paper. Until at last this became liken a game between us of - dash, clasp, miss. Okay maybe I am taking this a wee far by my next train of thought, however; I swear this ruthless pest would accompany me at work in the good olde days. In the building at my place of employment, we seldom get pestered by the ‘real insects'. It’s not like we have flyswatter decors hanging about in all confined cubicles. No! Yet there ‘it’ was, The Gnat! And so Whoosh, slap, miss! Like a fool whom never learns from mistakes; I continued to take the hurtle bait, only to constantly get the same results - missed! Blasted rascal! Ok, if this pest was not the same from my home, than please explain how one day the annoyer was in my car, when I got off work! The Gnat – there to greet me in my auto, as if waiting for a free ride home from ‘its’ weary day of play. Ok I hear you. Gnats are massively every where! I have finally lost it. I am bugging out! This Gnat has ultimately succeeded - if only to drive me batty! Well today, or maybe it has been a few days now, anyhow; I am sadden to say, I lost my Pesky pet. No, I did not kill The Gnat. I recon ‘it’ has gone to pester someone else or has died of starvation – somewhere between my home and the open road. Or at worse, has become someones’ windshield muck. Just, I’m certain The Gnat did not leave of its own accord; as there are still plenty of recent tribulations tugging at my heart strings and playing intensely on my mind. Yet, sadly gone is The Gnat. Now I can’t help but wonder if I had ever succeeded in squishing ‘it’, would I have felt relieved or remorse. Perhaps we all need such a Pest, I mean Pet in our lives at times. Something tiny, requiring minimal upkeep; just something small enough to keep the mind occupied on other things, if but for a minute - so that the raw obvious doesn’t continuously eat us alive from the inside out, like an introverted vulture. Therefore; here’s wishing Gnats in your life! May you go batty as bed bugs, if but for a fleeting moment! Zoom, whoosh, whiz!

Dragonball Z - Eating Me Away


"Eating Me Away"

It's eating me away
I said to God
It's rotting in my mind
It's like a cancer
Is there anything, anything at all to numb the nothingness
I need a reason to breathe
It's eating me away

Yeah, yeah....

It's eating me away
It nibbles at my brain
The question of my existence
And the matter of pain
I shake my fist, I shake my fist
At the cosmos and my insignificance
I need a reason to breathe
It's eating me away

Save me from my rage
And my humanity
I'm more nothing than being
Is this my legacy
Feel it eating me away
Yeah, yeah.....

All that I am, all that I want, all that I lack
Come on and save me
All that I am, all that I want, all that I lack
Come on and save me


All that I am, all that I want, all that I lack
Come on and save me
All that I am, all that I want, all that I lack
Come on and save me

It's eating me away


4 Comments With Humanity

Francis Scudellari said...

Poetress, that is a story with many levels of meaning, and I thank you for it. There are many necessary although pesky distractions in life to keep our minds off some darker truths. And it's an interesting question you raise whether the distractions are indeed a blessing in disguise. The good thing about Gnats is there are plenty to go around, so I'm sure your pet can be easily replaced. Keep on sharing your wonderful pet thoughts with us.

ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp said...

Thank you franscud!Truly I will miss my Gnat, though ‘it’ served its’ purpose well, I think none other can replace it; no matter the thousand others that swarm about. Hence, too each their own Gnat amidst the many!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm speechless.

Luckily, not fingerless. But I assure you; I am not speaking.

This story will come to me the next time I try to kill all variety of those bugs**. And to think that a co-worker and I actually went on Google Products Search looking for some kind of office-worthy bug zapper. (We didn't find one... not that it matters...)

How could we have been so foolish?! We weren't thinking! We didn't know what we were doing!!!

**Note: the author of this comment is not bugist. He just did not know how to describe bugs such as fruit flies, gnats, ticks, and to a lesser extent mosquitoes in one phrase. I DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT mean "those bugs," like... you know... THOSE BUGS. I mean it like those bugs.

ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp said...

I Hate Artists shhh….it will be ok, the bugs forgive you, as I am sure the bug community will. shhh…We mustn’t let these insects know - we know their plot! Meanwhile; I say zap away! Survival of the fittest (defined as suitable by nature or by art)! Man verses insects in a world where bees are becoming sadly extinct; how unsweet. However; if one survives, that my Friend is the one that is meant to be your Pest, I mean Pet!

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