Yellow is not always Gold

I write this for a Friend who is battling ‘old and new demons’

Title: Yellow is not always Gold

So the monkey beckons your company
Golden laced bananas dangled from the hanging tree
Booze to drown your distress
Pills to camouflage your illusions
But nothing seems to deaden the numbness you feel
Don’t you know the mirror is merely an instrument

So you saw you are human, you are not 'SuperMan'
You have needs too
You hurt – you ache
And what of this new found anger
Does it make you less than a man?
(beast, beast, beast…. shhhh…)

Keep the monkey in its' tree
Come save yourself, you are not alone
Reach out and pull into yourself that which you need to feel -
To feel human once again
Can't be afraid to ask
It will not make you less of a man

Just don’t take the bananas – don’t
Don’t go swinging from tree to tree
For you’ll only hang yourself
Signing your own fate

So put the needle to the Pen and scream upon blank pages
Let me hear what is going on inside your numbness
All you have to do is reach, beyond the monkey - reach
Beyond the banana trees - reach
(shhhh… what of the monstrous beast…)

Maybe best to face the animal inside us all
Than tackle a monkey upon your back
So, no bananas for you today.

©-Jeane Michelle Culp

Author, an online Bud has asked -Jeane M. Culp to write his "Love Saga". All the Story and poetry posts can now be found in one location, in one Series at: Binding Ink II

3 Comments With Humanity:

eastcoastdweller said...

Profound as always, Poetress.

-Jeane Michelle Culp said...

Thank you eastcoastdweller and thank you for your continued support as I try to become more and more confident in introducing my various Writings.

franscud said...

Your writings are worthy of confidence. I don't know the specific context of the poem, but the language and imagery are great. Please do introduce more!

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