Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Knock Knock ‘anybody out there’… Part 2

Somewhere between Fiction and Non-Fiction the Reality of 'Letting Go' Continues

[Scene: The Hangover

Author: awakens long enough to 'Let Go' its' latest victim]

Sadly, you just don't get it yet

You still think that after all the lonely weekends

After every night alone

Your day time 'give a darn', just doesn't 'give a damn' any more

But now you need to go on and save yourself

For the monster has crept in

Leave while you can

This nightmare has just begun

Perhaps one can merely feed a dog scraps and leftovers for so long

Before the beast within the Bitch rages out in anger

Leave me to my ''UnComfortably Numbness'– I don't give a damn no more

Can't you see – your 'give a darn' has gone

You can not reach me, it's too late

Deafen your ears; you need not hear my howling as if at the moon

Let them be merely echoes in the cold dark night

Just go on and save yourself – go on

For the monster has crept in

Leave while you can

For my nightmare has just begun.

…just a simple 'Pen' prick.

©-Jeane Michelle Culp (©#U671zX2456)

Author, an online Bud has asked -Jeane M. Culp to write his "Love Saga". All the Story and poetry posts can now be found in one location, in one Series at: Binding Ink II


Anonymous said...

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Francis Scudellari said...

This is a really great pair of posts. I love the way you write. Monsters can be scary, but they can also be pretty exciting.

Eastcoastdweller said...

It sounds to me as if somebody out there is going to be in some serious trouble.

ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp said...

zephyr01, Thank you! I am tremendously honored! You zephyr01, are a gifted caring considerate intellect! And your cause and efforts at your site Climate of Our Future is equally admirable.

franscud, yes some monsters can be exciting. However; this monster in reckless Rage has already relentlessly verbally slashed a fragile Person of warm intellect and beauty, the gory slash was possibly down to the core of unforgivableness and/or at least beyond 'relationshipatorial' repair; as this Monstrous of a Beast continues on in rage and hurt - entering ever so deeper into the very darkest depths of ones inner self, whence many dare not speak of.

And so eastcoastdweller, you are right. Such a troubled monster indeed, so many troubles, having already caused to many troubles and thus has become, ‘UnComfortable Numb’ in the realm of ones own inner darkness.