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I was going to write an intellectually intriguing post, seriously - however; sometimes laughter is the best remedy. I only hope whom I’m about to post about doesn’t mind me sharing their humor! Jokingly I say: It's my mail and heck free advertisement and possible less e-mail for them, what more could they ask for! Anyhow, I was e-mailing an innocent enough letter, so I thought. Honey Bees galore, my words were full of thank you, praises... Well, little did they know, their automated e-mail response made my day! And now for all those whom may not have the need to e-mail these kind friendly folks, for your entertainment and enjoyment; here is their response:

Thanks for emailing us at MyBlogLog. We're going to read your email shortly, but please take a moment to read this and see if there's something you can do in the meantime.

Account problems
We have set up a page with solutions to the most common MyBlogLog customer service at and you should check that out right now. Seriously, go look there. If your customer service request can be answered on that page, then we're going to assume you've taken care of it yourself and we'll move onto a more complex customer service request. This process ensures that everyone gets help as soon as possible.

Hellos and social emails
We read every email that comes through here and try to respond to them all, because you freakin' rock and deserve nothing less. However, as we're integrating with Yahoo! and growing the team and building some kickin' new features, we don't always have time, so please be content in the knowledge that it's your emails that are the best parts of our day.

Business opportunities
Please email with details. Please keep in mind that we're now a part of the Yahoo! team, so if you want to sell ads on our site,
you're SOL.

Piss off.

That about does it. Seriously, thank you again for emailing us.


The MyBlogLog Team

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3 Comments With Humanity:

cooper said...

I shall run right over there. I'm in need of a good laugh.

eastcoastdweller said...

We all need that.

Robyn Tippins said...

Glad you liked that. I rather like the Piss off part myself. Eric is crazy... :)

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