Love The Greatest Survival?

Hello My Readers, it has been awhile since I have written a personal post here on Binding Ink. Previous post included my Friend D. G. and his pet roaches. Poetry by my Friend D. G. And a one time Friend of mine – Poet/Writer Jen whom was sadly murdered Unfinished Masterpiece (Serendipity Part 2) . Today I would like to talk about survival. In a section on Blogger called ‘About Me’ I have added the following along with a question for you Readers:

About Me
A Survivor: I survived the truth! I'm a survivor! As a child, when I learned that there was no true holiday Mascots (encase kids read this and don't know the truth yet, lets just use the word mascots), I survived. When society said there were houses with white picket fences, I survived the truth which is you're lucky if some people have a tent to live in. When Friendships that were suppose to be for a life-time, turned out to only be my judges-I survived! The truth is, they weren't my true Friends to begin with! When many a Lover departed, I survived the truth! They weren't my True Love. Though, if one day I should learn that there is no such thing as a one and only True Love, guess what? I'll survive that truth too, cause I am a Survivor! Are you?

I draw attention to this, one to encourage People to recognize the Survivor inside themselves and I gladly welcome you to share your triumphs. Secondly, beside Mascots and white picket fences, in your opinion - what other seemingly myths has Society proclaimed? Have these seemingly myths helped or hindered Society? Thirdly, it is important to realize that survival covers a wide range of areas. Physical, mental, emotional, circumstances … Those who have Survived breast cancer… Those who have Survived a crisis such as a death… Those whom have Survived rape… Those who have or are Surviving war….

Having clarified survival so more People can recognize themselves as a Survivor, I am still drawn to my last line in ‘About Me’, “Though, if one day I should learn that there is no such thing as a one and only True Love, guess what? I'll survive that truth too”. Perhaps it is the Poet in me or the fact that many a poem and songs have been written about surviving love, loss, and longing. Therefore; I leave you my Readers with my contribution to such:

Some where between life and death,
I have died and am faking being alive
But this dress rehearsal is getting old
Wrinkles have already set in
Just once before actual death beckons me back home
I would like to truly live
To dance beyond the curtain, into my ‘Happy Ever After’
Oh, how does it really feel to have someone love you, as you love them
For hence is where the purest magic begins
Whence two hearts unite – sparks ignite
Twice the energy – twice the life
As all of yesterdays shadows slowly disappear
You emerge as one to concur the world as two individuals among the living
Alive and well ‘until death do us part’
But for now I must set aside these dreams
For hope is such a fragile thing
Meanwhile the show must go on, as must I
And dawn another day of dress rehearsal,
On this stage called life.
Written by © - Jeane Michelle Culp

Todays’ question: I am a Survivor! Are you?

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