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Life-Size Posters of Parents Actively Serving OverSeas in the Military

Flat Daddies and Flat Mommies are life-size printed posters of parents who are actively serving overseas in the military. These posters are made available free* to the children of deployed service members through the generous support of sponsors. is dedicated to helping make this possible.

* Plus $9.50 shipping and handling, one per household, and a limited number are available weekly.

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As a recipient or friend of Flat Daddies, I thought you might be interested in a quick update. Please feel free to share this with friends and family.

1,700 Flat Daddies And Counting…

We have received over 1,700 Flat Daddy orders to date, with over 700 shipped to deserving children and families across the country and around the world.

An Easy Way To Help

Our current resources and sponsor commitments enable us to produce around 60 Flat Daddies per week, which does not even come close to meeting the demand that we are seeing daily. To help remedy the problem we recently made it easier for individuals to donate online via our website Anything you can do to introduce the Flat Daddies donation link to others would be greatly appreciated.

NEW :: Flat Families For Mother's and Father's Day 2007

Moms and Dads deployed overseas may be receiving a Flat Family for Mother's and Father's Day. Using what we learned during Flat Daddies we are now offering Flat Families using a new silky smooth, durable, two-sided fabric. Simply upload your family photo, complete the order form, pay and click. In around two weeks a Flat Family will arrive at your loved one's door – just in time for Mother's or Father's Day!

Proceeds generated from Flat Families will help us offset the cost of continuing the Flat Daddies program. To send a Mother's Day gift please have orders in by 5:00 pm (EST) on May 4th, Father's Day orders should be in by June 6th. To learn more, or to order please visit

Thank you for your attention and support.

Eric T. Crockett

National Program Director

SFC Flat Daddies

Binding Ink is not associated with Flat Daddies... This is only a Post to help introduce Flat Daddies. Enjoy!

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