Poetry From My Friends’ Soul

Another awe I have for D. G. is his talented poetic penmanship! With permission, I proudly share two of his poems:


Sad is the sinner
that walks on bare feet
Empty stomach and
nothing to eat.

Heart of hate that
use to be free
One bad move, it could have been
you or me!

No more trust
or a hand of a friend
More crooked roads
just around the bend.

Nothing again will ever
be as right,
As that of a sinner
alone in the night.

So think again before
you stray too far left or right
You may become one who walks
alone in the night.

~D. G.

A Story of Life

With a floursack for a coat
and newspapers in his shoes,
the drunk left the old house
in search for some booze.

There was a cold wind cutting
down the alley like a knife
A man alone, without a friend,
without a wife.

Would this be the night
his life would come to end?
Would he die alone in the alleyway
without a friend?

The pains grew and his body cried out
in the freezing cold
for a bottle of cheap wine,
he would surely sell his soul.

There was nothing but a cold air
pushed by the bitter wind
He wanted a warm place to sit
and a stiff drink of gin.

The Devil came to take him
away at the dawn,
only to find an angel had come
and both were long gone!

~D. G.

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