Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Laundry - Ug

prozacWho likes doing laundry? Except for those Martha Stewart ‘Washabuzybees’, hardly anyone! It’s another chore on that invisible, endless list of things that need to be done. Like grocery shopping, if you want to eat. House cleaning, if you don’t want your place to be condemned. (Nothing like a wrecking ball to wreck your life.) Work, if you don’t want to be homeless. Yes, that wonderfully invisible, forever increasing - better known as, the 'to-do' list. Wouldn’t life be much simpler if everyone just went around stinking dirty, hungry, and homeless? Think about how much time could be saved! And no more spending your hard earned money on another endless list of ‘things to buy’ to get the to-do list done. Like deodorant, laundry detergent, dish detergent, soap, food, lights, rent, mortgage… Instead of dying filthy rich, by working ourselves to death - we all could just die from stinkin’ starvation. Well, that just seems a little too ‘foul’ for me. So where was that freakin’ list, oh yes laundry. Meanwhile; when we launder those wearable items, wouldn’t it be nice if we could also just wash our problems away! Apparently, now we can with 'Prozac Mood Brightener, Wash Your Blues Away!'

Well Happy Washing Readers! May you often see the rainbow, in spite of the rain.

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eastcoastdweller said...

Laundry is actually one of my lesser-hated chores, because unlike, say, cleaning the bathroom or mowing the lawn, I can get it started and then walk away and ignore it, at least for a while.

Unless the washing machine chooses to be cranky and leak, as it sometimes does.

Plus you can watch tv whilst folding the warm and fragrant results.

I have an ancient scrub board that belonged to my great grandmother. It's a nice reminder that a washing machine is a great improvement upon the days of rubbing one's clothes clean in a bucket, or in a chilly creek.

Lansy said...

LoL. where can i buy that huge box to carry around me....

Die homeless stinky like the free butterfly...how's that. There's gotta a fairland somewhere.....

AngelBaby said...

Housework can be done really easy ..........
1. Go to your computer
2. Then go to a new word document
3. type in housework
4. The hit delete
5. Housework is done!
Simple and easy anyone can do it. LOL!

I have something for you on my site so come by and see.

Love and Blessings,

ndpthepoetress - Jeane Michelle Culp said...

AngelBaby I like that way of doing housework, lol! Thanks, I needed a good laugh! And Thank You AngelBaby for the precious award at your site; your thoughtfulness is a constant beckon of generosity and loyalty that is heartfeltly appreciated! You are truly a genuine blessing AngelBaby!