S.T.O.P. ® and See The Other People

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Shhhh! There's a Kind of Hush Coming all over the World

"24 hours social media event, the WORLD ANTI TROLL DAY (#WATD), on October 17, 2015. A day when social media influencers, celebrities, TV & media personalities, brands, magazines and journalists come together to demonstrate the power of the community. I invite you to take a stand with me and my bodypositive community, the #BoPoTribe and let’s make social media history! Let’s create a day without the hatred of trolls. A day when social media streams will be overloaded with content to silence the trolls; a day to raise awareness for the power and consequences of comments; a day to stand united against #cyberbullying and make it the day to remember as we silence the hate!"

Click to learn How you can participate on October 17th

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