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Anti-Bullying Music Video in the Making!

Film Day! November 15, 2014

Our vocal group Rechoired will be recording a new original "Young ‪‎Superstar‬" by Bennie Parker with Steven Larund (who has recorded many big names such as Vocal Point) and then making a wonderful music video with Branderson Films Inc.

This song "Young ‪‎Superstar‬" is about realization & remembering Realizing the unique talents & gifts ‎God‬ has given you & remembering them even when others try to break you down or‪ change‬ you.

Keep updated via clicking the Facebook Like button for Rechoired https://www.facebook.com/rechoiredacapella and Join the Young Superstar Project group https://www.facebook.com/groups/407714516047036/

Rechoired (an a capella group that creates music to inspire and uplift others, especially the youth) is proud to Present:

Young Superstar Project (The Young Superstar Project has two simple goals: To bring awareness to the reality of bullying and to inspire change.)

They will be making an Anti-Bullying Music Video. Volunteers include many students from Brighton High Bengals (Brighton High School) in Brighton, Utah

Project Objectives: To learn anti-bullying strategies that we can use daily. For more details preview Young Superstar Project.docx

Donations are much appreciated and there are prizes for donating!! http://www.gofundme.com/9ebk2g

Also Rechoired's New CD: Music Rechoired For Kids will be out soon! (10 Original songs that teach kids to love music! Join them as their album hits iTunes :) With fun, upbeat songs that teach about musical DNA this is perfect for any kids age 0-12!

This Event is by the The Parker Brothers Music: Producer & CEO Bennie Parker and Dirk Parker of Rechoired (an a capella group)


What is the Young Superstar Project?!

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