Haunting Denial


There was a wicked old ostrich who lived in a river boat, down on the Nile
And every day this evil old ostrich would eat from the river of Nile
Drink from the River of Nile.

Then when morning came the wicked old ostrich would squint its eyes at the shining sun
Singing I don’t see anything; I don’t know nothing, I don’t remember this, and I don’t remember that
And off the evil old ostrich would run to bury its head in the river banks down on the Nile
Til one day that wicked old ostrich never did come up for air and died right there in the river of deNile.

But I hear it said; by those who still eat from the river of Nile, drink from the river of Nile
That as they squint their eyes to the dawning light
They sing we didn’t see anything, we don’t know nothing, we can’t remember this, and we surely don’t remember that
Down here on the river of deNile.

Written by -ndpthepoetress (-Jeane M. Culp) Library of Congress #0394170660

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Persefone - Haunting of Human's Denial
I'm at your back
Holding the weight of your blame
Leading your life in silence
Killing the light
That soothes the pain in your conscience
Your guilt lies inside of me!
I am the wisdom, you, wise.
Dark silhouette of you
I'm your fears
Your lies, your state of mind, decline!
Where is your calm now at night?
You thought you were prepared to fight against life.
But you just throw your chained words with pain.
The time that watches you, it's the one that makes you die!
Signs of depression
Your angel becomes fake
Hidden eyes, drowning tears
Time will fall on you
Signs of repression
I'll hurt you where ever you go
Rotten course, I'm your damnation
Lust! Your threats!
Every night by the moonlight
Your face appears to me as a prayer
My sins lie all on you
I wonder if there's a place for me
When I'm watching you
You become a mirror of pain.
There should be a place for me
And I wonder how can I get in?
Till the end of time
I'll follow your trace
You will follow my guidance
I am you, and you are me,
Stuck into eternity until light collapses into night

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