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Q&A: Everyone Matters Campaign

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Q&A with HeathCliff Rothman, founder of Everyone Matters    

When it comes to bullying prevention, education is key. We recently interviewed HeathCliff Rothman, the founder of the Everyone Matters campaign. Everyone Matters seeks to prevent some of the behaviors and attitudes that can lead to bullying. We think the campaign has a great message. Here's our interview with HeathCliff.

What is the Everyone Matters campaign?
Everyone Matters is a global campaign that encourages people to dial down the judgment. This campaign is by, about, and for everyone who is judged and stereotyped -- or bullied -- by how they look, how they act, and what group they belong to. We hope to call attention to how all of us experience being judged and how we all stand outside other people’s lives when we judge their appearance, behavior, and choices. We believe that we can do better, be more loving and respectful, and recognize that everyone is our equal. The campaign has had some wonderful endorsements and support from Sir Paul McCartney, Nicole Kidman, Ellen DeGeneres, Daniel Craig and Natalie Portman

How can people get involved in the Everyone Matters project?
There are a number of ways that people can get involved in the campaign.

Sign up for the 24-hour Challenge to Not Judge or Call Names: Can you avoid judging anyone for a whole day for how they’re acting or what they’re wearing? This is a competition that asks teens to do just that. 

Share your personal stories :  Record a short webcam/smartphone video or write a blog sharing when you’ve been judged or bullied and share how it felt and what you learned so we can all learn from you.  And make sure to upload an “I Am!” photo of yourself holding a sign, wearing a t-shirt, etc to AFFIRM your RIGHT and PRIDE to be exactly who YOU are!

Here are some great ways to get involved with Everyone Matters: 

What advice would you offer to those being bullied or those who see bullying occur?

Take action – silence is supporting it. Say something immediately or contact someone in authority who can help.

You have the right to be upset if you’re judged, dissed or bullied.  Trust the feeling in your gut.  Nobody can decide whether you should be upset.   Don’t let people rationalize their own bullying by claiming it is just “a joke”or  that you’re “too sensitive.”   Abuse is abuse.  

Own who you are.  Be authentic.  Don’t apologize or compromise who you are or for someone else’s attention or approval.

Don’t call names or judge others by their appearances.  It’s one of life’s biggest lessons – learning the humility that everyone has the right to their own choices, their own being, their own identity.  It’s called respect.  Let everyone be exactly who they are, make their own choices, dress the way they like. Treat them as you want to be treated.

Learn more at Everyone Matters (Facebook) and Everyone Matters (Website)

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