Alanda in Time by Shelly Stone

Alanda in Time by Shelly Stone

 "PublishAmerica: Alanda is intelligent, beautiful and has an inquisitive nature. After the death of her parents, she is finishing their life's work and is thrown back in time. Join Alanda on her adventurous journey as a spy and a privateer"

"Meet the Author
I started writing when I was a teenager. I can remember going up to Subway and sitting at the table and writing for hours. I like writing short stories, novels and poetry. I am currently working on several novels and a poem will come to me often. I am a single mom of three boys and one girl so, writing can be difficult at times. I live in Stafford, Virginia. Usually my ideas come to me in the middle of the night so, I keep scrap paper next my bed. Sometimes writing in the dark makes it hard to read and I never remember to turn on the light so, reading them the next day is funny. My three boys are teenagers so fighting them for the computer can be difficult and the chaos in my home is distracting but, I manage to turn my
inspiration into something readable. I look forward to hearing from my fans so check out my other website at I update it often. I hope you enjoy my work and will come back for more."

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