Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Age Up

Being myself 40-eke-ish and having under went a coronary catheterization earlier this year, I still refused to succumb to those jokes that 'you know you're getting old when'.... Well now I have to say, Yes 'you know you're getting old' when you find out the hard way that your eyes are starting to fail you. Scene: Front entrance of an important job interview, turning into a parking place and suddenly you accidentally tap a parked vehicle bumper to bumper. You sit there stunned by your misjudgment, while the afflicted auto almost jumps the yellow parking curb, bounces back, then proceeds to rock on its' two right side wheels as if shockingly possessed. A simple one mile an hour minor bump I tell you, that fortunately neither car suffered any damage from. With your already frazzled nerves re-calmed, you proceed into the job interview - embarrassed, hoping no one saw you. As you fill out the job application, you again realize 'you are getting old when' asked, "only fill in your birth date info if you are 40 or younger"! A sneaky way, if you ask me; to weed out us older folks. The job interview continued to thrust reality in my face as a young 20ish Woman approached to interview me. Finally arriving safely home, here I now sit typing this post with 6 eyes. Two that don't work, a new pair of glasses sat aside for driving, and an additional pair now worn on my 40-eke-ish eyes to read with. Oh yes, you know your getting old when....Please feel free to fill-in-accordingly!

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