Medicine for Huntington’s Disease

 Quoted directly from Huntington's Disease Society of America (links have been added for your convenience)

Dear HDSA members,

We are pleased to announce today that Xenazine* (tetrabenazine) Tablets, the first and only U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved drug for the treatment of chorea associated with Huntington’s Disease (HD), is now available in the United States. We know that those affected by HD, your caregivers, physicians and family members, have been waiting decades for an HD treatment option, and we are delighted that for the first time ever people with HD will have an approved option to consider to treat their chorea**. This is particularly momentous because of all of the effort that our community invested in helping to secure FDA approval of Xenazine.

HDSA has been working in collaboration with Ovation Pharmaceuticals during preparations to introduce this drug in the U.S., which will be available through specialty pharmacies. I am impressed with the company’s strong commitment to the HD community and with the many programs they have put in place to support the needs of people affected by Huntington’s Disease. As part of its commitment to make Xenazine broadly available, Ovation has developed extensive patient support programs with the goal of eliminating financial barriers to the therapy.

To find out more about Xenazine and if it is the right treatment for you or for your loved one:

Go see your physician
Call Ovation’s Xenazine information line: 1-888-882-6013
Note: there is more information about the comprehensive patient support programs for Xenazine on this website.

This truly is a milestone to be celebrated, and we’re so proud to share this news with you. Congratulations and thank you again for your ongoing commitment as we continue to work together to make important advancements for the HD community.

Warm regards,

Barbara Boyle

National Executive Director/CEO, HDSA

* Xenazine is a registered trademark of Cambridge Laboratories (Ireland) Limited.

** Xenazine is FDA-approved to treat chorea, one of the symptoms seen in people with HD. Chorea is a debilitating movement disorder characterized by excessive, involuntary and repetitive movements that are one of the most visible manifestations of Huntington’s Disease.

Important links: How to Order Xenazine (tetrabenazine)

Note:  On February 9, 2009 Ovation Pharmaceuticals was bought by Lundbeck Inc.

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