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When I last looked, it seems like Wonderland or Not may have taken 3rd place!

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Wonderland or Not is a “Personal blog with a little social, political and pop cultural commentary added.” Equally as important is the Person behind the blog - Cooper, or as some know her by the names Olivia or Alice. She is a real down to earth person. “A spawn of fiscally conservative liberals”, having majored in” Anthropology (cultural focus), and Photography, a liaison in protection and resettlement, for non governmental humanitarian agency” - in other words presumably she writes position papers for a living. Read More About Cooper

Her blog posts leave nothing unsaid. She does not color coat anything she has to say or what she wants to write about from political aspects to humor.

October Posts include:

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If you haven’t been to Wonderland or Not, come meet an exceptional fantastic Person and her Blog.

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‘Oh and be careful as “Durham in Wonderland” is also listed and they are not Cooper, “although I’m sure they are excellent.”’

Thank You All!

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http://wonderlandornot.net said...

You are quite a sweet one.

-Jeane Michelle Culp said...

Gosh (blush), Cooper - Thanks. I just admire your way with words. Your posts have brought attention to a lot of important subjects. Plus us athletic women from days of basketball, soccer, and running... need to stick together in the spirit of sportsmanship :)!

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