The Truth About Thanksgiving Day

It isn’t Thanksgiving Day, we all are being fooled! Truth be told, it is:

Revenge of The Turkey Day

We gather together to eat yams and yammer,

Dig into mashed potatoes while listening to the latest scoop from Family and Friends,

For it’s all about the gravy, fat juicy saucy gossip,

Where cranberry sauce has a way of making things seem bitter,

Though shortly afterwards we can partake in pies and try to be sweet,

For the Turkey that used to go gobble gobble, will have been all gobbled up,

But soon comes Revenge,

Cause the once stuffed Turkey has now stuffed us.

©- Jeane Michelle Culp ndpthepoetress

Originally posted 2007

4 Comments With Humanity:

Eastcoastdweller said...

Don't forget the sneaky little enzymes that put that stuffed soul to sleep, too.

ndpthepoetress - Jeane Michelle Culp said...

LoL Eastcoastdweller! So true! Will the Revenge of the Turkey ever end as we might also add those Pepto-Bismol moments for some! BTW: Blessings in abundance to You and Yours during this Feast-tive Holiday.

Dell 5100cn toner said...

That is so true. Just reading this makes me hungry. I love holiday meals, especially the families meeting. We invite the all eight uncles and aunts with all of the 23 cousins. It is just like you imagine it: big table with a lot of chares. The table is full with food that you dint now what to take. In the end for desert, at least six kinds of cakes. Yes, we are a big family and that is fan. Lucky for us that we remain slim. If we had some genes for fattening, this was a very big problem. Can wait 'till Thanksgiving Day.

ndpthepoetress - Jeane Michelle Culp said...

Thanks for the comment Dell 5100cn toner! May your Family stay large in numbers and slim at the waist!

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