Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Free HUGS!

Not Your Usual Holiday Chat

Hello, Welcome – come have a seat. Here’s a nice Rocking Chair, a Recliner, a Wing chair with a comfortable ottoman to put your feet up on. Can I get you all something to drink? Hot tea, some punch, warm apple cider with a cinnamon ball, coffee…? And so has arrived ‘tis season, when a magical twinkle glistens from children’s eyes in wonder and anticipation. A time of Family and Friends gathering together. Laughter is in the air. Yet for some of us a sadness lingers in our heart. We miss our Loved Ones whom can no longer be here during these Festivities. Of those whom passed long ago, we still yearn and cherish their memories. Something some People can’t identify with. While others heal differently and at their own pace. Still ‘tis the Season, so we just put on the best smile we can. Nevertheless; our heart aches. This is why I have invited you here for a Holiday Chat, to let you know there are many whom do recognize your sadness. And so, though near or far, let our Human Spirits embrace each other not only in understanding and acknowledgement, rather also in comfort. A gentle encirclement that says it’s ok to still miss them, sealed with Hugs to help carry on that merriment smile. Now we will expand our circle and send out all our strength and Hugs to help others, cause during the Holidays is the worst time to lose Loved Ones. Too often crime, fires, accidents claim their Lives. Just before Thanksgiving at my place of Employment, a Co-Worker whom had been recovering from a stroke passed away, the day after Thanksgiving another Co-Worker passed away unexpectedly of a heart attack. In-between, a young Co-Worker lost her Mom then her Aunt, meanwhile; her Brother is in the hospital needing surgery on his legs due to possible diabetes complications, and a young Co-Worker has lost his Father. Then there are our Military Men, Women, Family, Friends whom can not be Home for the Holidays. Yes, pull up a chair – have a seat, join us in letting our Human Spirit be of comfort to all in need ‘tis Season.

Give A Great Gift This Holiday Season

May the world hug you today
With its warmth, and love.
And may the wind carry a voice
That tells you there is Family, Friends
Sitting in another corner of the world wishing you well!
(From The Difference Between Strength and Courage ~Author Unknown~)

Remember, Hugs are what make the World round.

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Know Someone who needs a Hug? Fill the with your links or Their Names – by emailing them to HUGS or request via comment.We will be updating regularly.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the hugs.

Have you ever seen the "hug man". I'll have to llo for that video.

Today is a good day for a hugs.

Hugs to you right back, of course.

ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp said...

Jeeps, Thanks 4 the Hugs Cooper, I needed that. If I had known sooner that you had been in my neck of Woods here in SC, I would have given you your Hugs in person.

No I never seen the "hug man", hope you find the video so I can see.

Have an uplifting day Cooper!