Thursday, October 18, 2007

Haunting Affair


Compose for me a musical classic of a masterpiece love
Whence once upon a winter, golden harp strings strummed at their hearts
Until one day, Ebony and Ivory played 'Here Comes the Bride'
And upon the 3rd interlude have the triangle cling
As in the Fall came their new born Daughter Autumn.
Than one Spring trumpets blew with a military flag and 3-volley salute
For her true Love, her Maestro died while conducting war.
Now there is a rumor that when all instruments are tucked asleep
Somewhere betweenst their velvet cases, apertures, valves, and seemingly silent strings
An ensemble tutti echoes the story of how the Wife threw her heart upon the Maestros’ baton
And bled to death upon the orchestra floor.
True she is buried by him literally, as philharmonic in death as they were in life
Then once upon a Summer, Autumn took her stand at the podium
And as she drew her conducting stick to lead the Orchestra in the score, 'The Four Seasons'
You’ll hear it said that she drowned right there in her own tears.
Where upon the 6th interlude have the triangle cling
For in a graven graveyard there is a sympathetic symphony, where violins do weep
And every season, Operatic Angels sing about a Stradivarius love once played upon this stage called life,
Now exited forever more.

By © - Jeane Michelle Culp

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WaterLearner said...


I have not seen you for quite some time. How is the poetress doing?