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I am now a proud Member of the Blogging Den! The “Blogging Den is a place for all like-minded bloggers to hang out, promote their blogs and post reviews! You can join blogging den as an author today!" Mail aayush and request your Membership. (Aayush Bhatnagar is an Engineering Student at the University of Bombay.)

About the Blogging Den:

“This blog is an effort to unite all my fellow blogger friends ! Let me explain the concept of blogging Den.

Aayush will add authors to this blog, who will in turn promote their blogs at blogging den. They can also submit posts about any topic they find interesting. They can tag their blogs under their relevant category.

The blog authors will be free to promote their current blogs..quite obviously..and tag their blogs, along with their friends' blogs. The authors can write about anything they like to, and leave a link back to their blog. This will increase their GOOGLE Page Rank and TECHNORATI authority. Feel free to comment on other's posts as well.” … read more…

The Blogging Den includes the Blogging Den FORUM! The topics are:

Introduce yourselves!

What's your blog?

General Discussion (Discuss the things you love!)

Interesting posts!

Blogging help (Help other bloggers with their problems.)

TECHNORATI ZONE (All things Technorati! Fave each other!)

Exchange Links here!

With all these terrific features to promote your own Blog, why not join in the fun and opportunities by becoming a Member!

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