S.T.O.P. ® and See The Other People

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Poem VA Tech

The Caged Bird did pluck the Sprouted Innocent ones whose wings are now forever tucked beneath those of Angels

While your heads fall against shoulders to weep upon

Know the People in the World embrace each and every one of you.

Damn the pain you must now endure

No logic will ever be enough to explain the damnation of yet another horrid

Drugs and/or crime Society can combat

But of this new mind madness spree

Mothers killing their young, fellow students gone a rave

Little is known on how to Serve and Protect

But if even one death should give a way to save others,

May all not be in vain

But damn - too much of a cost.

Come, the arms of the People in the World are open

Let us help catch your tears.

Written By - Jeane Michelle Culp

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