Sunday, November 05, 2006

Thanks! From Around the World!

Tis November! Images of Turkeys drum in our heads, tickle tempting our noses, as we loosen our belts one more notch in preparation for the Feathery Fulfilling Holiday! Meanwhile; across this vast world, numerous individuals consider Thanksgiving to be specifically an American Holiday, as images of Pilgrims and Indians bonding Friendships, emerge in their thoughts. For other world regions, Thanksgiving is essentially a Harvest related Festival, celebrated on a range of dates with an assortment of special names:

Canada celebrates Thanksgiving on the second Monday in the month of October.

Different sections of India , such as Baisakhi, Lohri, Onam, Pongal etc., have Harvest Festivals.

Asian Countries such as China, Malaysia, and Korea also celebrate their Harvest Festival on different dates. Each of their Harvest Festival has a folklore attached to it:

Chu Suk (Bountiful Abundance) is a popular Korean Festival during the Harvest season.

Kadazan Harvest Festival of Malaysia is locally known as " Tadau ka'amatan " (padi harvesting festival).

Africa Harvert Festivals include the Festival of Yams and Homowo (meaning hooting at hunger).

Australia Apple and Grape Harvest Festival

United Kingdom Harvest Festival is one of the oldest known festivals.

There are many more areas that celebrate a version of the American Thanksgiving. And all the Celebrations pertaining to Thanksgiving or Harvesting contain ‘One’ central Theme of commonality, giving Thanks or being Thankful.

So rather you are making another notch in your belt, cheering on your Football team, etc., may you be ever so ‘Thankful’.

And for those amongst different chaotic chaoses, personal challenges, for those without a belt to loosen, or enough food to fend the belly; One I include you in my Prayers. Two, if you do not believe in God, I still include yous in my Prayers. For God is not to Blame for earthly pain. Thus, I encourage you to please read an earlier post of mine, Is God To Blame Three, may you begin by counting the small things you do have. Cause it is in counting even the smallest that things begin to add up to an abundance of blessings, good fortune, luck, etc., people never realized they had.

For they whom do not stop to count their crops, can never know the true rewards of their suffering.

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