Saturday, July 15, 2006

Enough about ‘washing away the blues, let’s bring it up a beat and blog about R & B!

Now we’re talking my language! Unfortunately, a language several people don’t understand. Maybe because I’m an old Bluer. For instance, has any Reader ever heard of J. Blackfoot? I’ve only found one album by him. The best song I like of his is Storyteller from the CD Reality. “Cupid shot his arrow in the sky, hit my friend and not I…don’t make me a storyteller…”

However; if you want a fantastic education on the Blues - N'awlins Style - checkout the CD “Goin’ Back To New Orleans” by Dr. John. Inside the CD cover insert, Dr. John renders some excellent historical details, for each song from the GNO (Greater New Orleans) era. The total CD insert is a Lagniappe!

Listen to a few songs from this CD at Amazon.

My favorite is Cabbage Head!:

The first night that I come home
So drunk I could not see
Found a horse in my stable
Where my horse oughta be
Come here my little wifey
Explain this thing to me
How come a horse in the stable
Where my horse oughta be?
You blind fool, you crazy fool
Can't you never see?
It's only a milkcow
You're granny sent to me
I've traveled this world over
Ten thousand miles or more
But a saddle upon a milkcow's back
I never did see before…

*Rumor has it that Dr. John’s Official Website can be found here!

Now who says the blues are bad! Not when you’ve got R&B! So kick your heals and get those shoes a tappin’!

Then, when you're done chillaxin’, hook us up if you found any good old blue songs,!


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