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Stafford Tupperware Consultants

Don't let Thanksgiving leftovers spoil in foil or sag in a bag, use Tupperware for all your affairs!

Stafford Tupperware Consultants

Please contact me with any of your Tupperware questions. I would love to help you!

We are reitired!! I am a proud Mother and Marine wife. My youngest son graduated from high school this year. So, as he goes off to college we will be feeling the symptoms of the empty nest. In July of last year, we moved to Stafford, Virginia. My husband thinks we will be here for ten years. I will believe that when it happens.

After years of buying blue and white throw away bowls and the red and white containers(which were meant to last) but had to throw away - over and over. I realized that - "I still have my tupperware that moved with me from duty station to duty station over the years". I am so excited to have "new" containers in my cupboard and refrigerator that stack nicely and store so easy (That I can keep with me in retired life)!!!

Stafford Tupperware

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