Friday, April 15, 2016

For The Love of Books

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A Library in my area is having an Altered Book Workshop. I was thinking the Workshop was Restoring Old Books. I was Traumatized to learn they are Killing Books! Here I am; Intellectually Starved, unable to find reading material, and books are being Demolished! Such an atrocity!

Already, thanks to modern technology like Kindle…Children of our future have less of a chance to know the joy of Holding a Book, the smell of the pages... and now the Children of our generation are taught to go home and Destroy Books. (Library description of Event: "Ever wonder what to do with all those books you will probably never read again but can’t bring yourself to to let go? Well don’t! We have a few fun ideas to share. Come and learn a few niffy crafty tricks but leave your books at home for practice. We will have all the supplies you need.")

I Googled, Altered Books and was stunned to learn this is an epidemic. In my opinion, Altered Books are nothing but the equivalent to Burning Books, merely disguised in the name of Art. Alternatively; we could collectively contribute to recycling by using store ads, catalogs, old telephone books… to transform into Altered Art.

Sparing the tragedy of a zillion Trees used to print Books, only to have died in vain :(